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  • Jessica


    I am using The Events Calendar Pro.
    I have changed the theme to 2013.
    I have deactivated all of the plugins.
    I am testing with a simple short code: [event_rocket_calendar]
    It displays as the text: [event_rocket_calendar]
    There is no calendar displaying. Other short codes work on the site from other plugins.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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  • Jessica


    Also, I am working on our internal servers, I am not sure if that makes a difference, if it does, what is the solution? This is for our intranet and it would be so great if I could use this plugin.

    Plugin Author Barry



    It’s not deliberately designed to work only on the wider web, but you can see that this user ultimately found something similar:

    At this time I’m afraid I have no idea what the sticking point is.



    Well that’s a bummer. I was really hoping to use your plugin. Thanks for getting back to me.

    Hi, I’ve got the same issue, on a local server ! Do you have anything new to share ?

    Plugin Author Barry


    Hi Cecile: not sure I do have much more eto share at this point.

    Can you confirm though – in your case – is it all Event Rocket shortcodes that are failing (if so, which?) or just some? Do you have Events Calendar PRO installed or just The Events Calendar?

    Naturally I’m unable to effectively troubleshoot your local installation, but would you be down to do a little debugging yourself? So long as you don’t mind editing code I’m sure we could put together some crude but effective steps to figure out where the problem is.

    Hi Barry,
    yes I’m using Events Calendar + Events Calendar Pro and all the codes are falling ([event_rocket_calendar] [event_rocket_list][event_rocket_countdown][event_rocket_venue]), only shortcodes are displayed on my page. I use the latest version of WP and of the pluggins, and unfortunatly I’m not the queen in PHP! I noticed that some users had the same pb, and I figured out that maybe they found a simple bug (.htaccess ?) as they apparently all use a local server.

    Plugin Author Barry


    OK. So is it just shortcodes that are impacted – for instance, if you edit a venue do you see the Coordinates meta box on the right hand side of the editor or is that also missing?

    (The meta box looks like this )

    Suppose the coordinates meta box is missing (of course, it may not be) and you visit the plugin admin page: do you see any notices or messages at the top of the screen that relate to Event Rocket?

    I’m having the same issue and the meta box does display.

    I am trying to use the “Events Categories” not the Post “Categories”. Is that correct?

    I think I see the problem. When I add a shortcode to a Text box widget, it doesn’t work. (The shortcodes from the Ajax Event Calendar would display when used this way, so I thought these would work too.) If I put these shortcodes in the text of a page, they display correctly.

    Is there a way around this or should I change to having a static home page and rework it?

    Plugin Author Barry


    Hi Icvincent!

    So you’re really facing a different problem there (and generally speaking it’s best to create a new thread of your own for just that reason).

    To the best of my knowledge WP’s native text widget doesn’t support shortcodes – so perhaps this other plugin was using something that looked like shortcodes but weren’t actually shortcodes in the strictest sense of the term?

    Whatever was happening there, you’d really need to either switch to a different widget that does support shortcodes or, yes, do what you need from within a page or post.

    Does that help?

    Hi Barry – any news regards those shortcodes not working on local server?
    I’ve got the same issue. Not working XAMPP, but working on Live server.
    Also coordinates box is missing locally. No Event Rocket messages on the plugin admin page.

    Plugin Author Barry


    No news I’m afraid – it’s not something I can replicate. I would really need someone who can see the problem to dig into this. If you’re up for the task, please try temporarily swapping out your current copy of Event Rocket for this one:

    Activate it, then view the front end of your website and look down at the bottom of the page. Hopefully you’ll see some extra info labelled “EventRocket Debug” … can you confirm that you see it? What messages display below it if so?

    (You may need to use a default theme for this. It’s a fairly crude approach – but might give me a few insights into what’s going wrong and where.)



    Have downloaded your file so will definitely give it a go. Might not be today though… fighting a deadline.. 😉

    Plugin Author Barry


    No problem at all, if you get a chance that would be awesome.



    Same exact issue here for me too on my local WAMP. Barry I installed your troubleshooter and have info, saved some screenshots I can send to you.

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