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    My client purchased WP Shopify Pro Jan 2021 on my recommendation. We are trying to get help with creating a customer account so we can get the support promised to paying customers. Help is needed with the update to ShopWP Pro. Our email sent two weeks ago on 11/15 remains unanswered. When we purchased, we never received any information for creating an account. The login page has no link to create an account.

    Our tests on our staging site with ShopWP Pro v4.0.6 fail and we can’t get the plugin to update to the latest v4.0.9 to see if the issue is fixed.

    We only use the add to bag shortcode on our domain on custom product pages. Checkout goes through our Shopify store using this plugin.

    The issue:
    Instead of the usual add to bag button, we see gray boxes that fade in and out. It looks like an image placeholder and boxes for product description text and a button.

    Multiple errors reported on the product pages all with the same error message from /wp-content/plugins/shopwp-pro/dist/public.min.js?ver=1637015632:1
    “Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal at line 1 column 729 of the JSON data”

    We have deactivated all plugins on the site and switched to Twenty Twenty-One theme. The problem persists.

    Lastly, developer feedback: the plugin updates keep changing CSS names. At least twice this year, I’ve had to update all of our custom CSS styles just because the class name changed again. The plugin is very limited as far as being able to customize the styling. We grabbed the names of the classes and applied our own styling. Updating the names of the classes might have some benefit to the plugin developer, but creates a headache for the rest of us.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hey there! Apologies for the headaches you’ve had so far.

    First, the plugin does change some of the CSS classnames. The classnames that change on each update contain a string of random characters at the beginning. They look like this: css-1g42mgi-AddButtonTextCSS. Your developer should not rely on these names for making customizations. Instead, you can either use attribute selectors or use the “contains” selector.

    For example, you can target the part of the classname that doesn’t change. In the above example, that would be everything after css-1g42mgi-.

    So the selector you could use would look like this instead:

    [class*="AddButtonTextCSS"] {
        color: black;

    Regarding the JavaScript errors, I think this is probably because you’re not on version 4.0.9. Are you receiving an error when trying to update?

    You’ll need to email me directly about setting up the customer account:

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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for responding so quickly! We emailed on 11/15 asking for help setting up our customer account, but haven’t heard back.

    As for the update, we are not seeing the update available in our WP admin even with a manual check. That has happened in the past, and we were able to use a workaround of deactivating the plugin, then reactivating it and then the update availability would appear. That’s not working this time.

    We can’t get access to a direct download of the new pro version without having our customer account created. We’re assuming if we can log in, we will be able to download the pro version and do a manual install.

    Thanks for the tip about the class names.

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    @laross27 Hey thanks! I think your message might have been lost in the shuffle. Would you mind re-sending?

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    @andrewmrobbins Done! I’ve resent the email. The subject line is our receipt number for our purchase of the pro version.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and resolving this. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Andrew @


    Sent! Closing.

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