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    Need some advice on a good shopping cart to use on a WordPress site. I have spent days this past week researching them all, including WP e-commerce and Shopp, and it seems that every shopping cart has an issue and reviews range wildly from “Great!” to “Avoid it like the plague.” It’s either difficult to install, or easy to install (like the 2 above) but buggy. Reading posts on some of their forums, many seem to have bugs in very basic areas, things that should NOT be buggy like changing a price. I can understand bugs when dealing with multiple, possibly conflicting plug-ins, but I need reliability, basic functionality, and do not want an e-commerce shopping cart to take over my entire site, but rather, want to be able to add a cart to one or 2 pages on an existing site… and have it work. I’m about to give up on the idea entirely. Any suggestions on what to try or avoid are welcome! Thanks.

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  • I spent 12 months struggling with shop carts – 8 months of what I call ‘ecommerce nightmare’ – please avoid this plugin. In fact avoid all free shopping carts.

    I went with shopp. It is by far the winner – I tried almost everyone that works with wp. I think it costs $55 – works so well. You are welcome to se this on my site at

    Shane, thanks for your response. The 2 you suggested I look into are 2 of the ones who seem to have wildly varying reviews.

    Emptymindfilms, thanks for your input, too. I can certainly understand your frustration and I definitely do not have 8 months of energy to devote to bugs! Your site looks nice, and FYI, viewing it here in Firefox 3.6.3, when I mouseover the lower left corner of your main top header photo, a mysterious dropdown menu appears listing Checkout, Shipping Rates, etc. I then saw another dropdown appear to the right of it. I say “mysterious” because I don’t see a navigation bar at the bottom of your large header photo, so I didn’t expect to see a dropdown appear. If you’d like me to send you a screenshot of how I’m seeing it, I’d be happy to – post your email address.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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