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  • Hi all,

    Setting up a new site for our start up and ran into a snag. We decided not to go with shopping online since our product is going to involve some more one on one consulting to get the product mix right.

    However, we do need for the customer to choose from a bunch of artwork on the site to determine the price.

    So how do I do a shopping cart kind of thing were at the end there is a form that is supplied to the customer and to us that lists what they want, how much it will cost…but then we contact them for the order?

    As a heads up, we will have a gallery of artwork they will have to pick from and in a perfect world this would link up with the “shopping cart”

    Is any of this making sense? 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.


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  • I’m looking for a similar fix in that my client wants to collect the credit card data but not actually run the charge until he further consults the client about their order – a lot of times his customers will order less than what they really need (or more) and he doesn’t want to finalize the transaction until the correct total is determined.

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