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  • Does anyone know if there’s an open source software that can be used on both WordPress AND html sites? I design both, mostly for artists who need web galleries they can sell from. I’d prefer something that’s very customizable so that it can work with my current designs instead of creating a totally different look that I can’t integrate.

    If there isn’t such a thing as a single package that does this, is there one that is an open source for html sites that also has a WP-interface, so that I won’t have to completely re-learn the software for both applications? (I create my html sites with Dreamweaver, if it matters).

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  • I am using eCart 4 by for Dreamweaver websites. Requires that the vendor have a PayPal Merchant Pro account at least for some of the desired functionality in processing payments from a static website (this is not the PayPal Standard type of a cart button it is more sophisticated and can match the look and feel of any website through modifying css).

    The only “open source” ecommerce solution I know of is

    Unfortunately none of these do anything to answer your question but maybe they will be helpful in the future.


    for the scenario mentioned you’d probably be better off using paypal buy it now buttons (or whatever they call it). I doubt you’d be able to integrate products on the html side with a plugin for WordPress (other than the simple button ones).

    Are you not able to migrate the html pages you have to pages within WordPress?

    Thanks so much, wpmaster and Rich, for your quick responses. I’m still muddling through reviews of both open source and wp plugins, as I haven’t decided yet whether I prefer continuing in html (which I’m more comfortable with), or completely switching to wordpress …mostly because I want to set up clients to work independent from me in the future, since I am also an artist who needs time to create my own work instead of being chained to a computer every day. (Don’t get me wrong, web devs, it’s a creative use of one’s brain cells, but the eyes and body need a break!)

    If I stay with html sites, it’s not a bad idea to go with eCart 5 (the updated version of 4) since it integrates into Dreamweaver. However, if I need to teach my clients how to use it, they will have to purchase both DW and eCart… which is beyond most artist’s budget and technical abilities. I’d also prefer a solution that offers paypal plus other options.

    I hadn’t even thought of migrating my html pages into a blog, and that might be an option for getting the design to layout just the way I want it. However, it’s counter-productive in terms of seo since I use tables for my layout, which is not as seo-friendly as php programming.

    I’m starting to think that I should either combine nextGen gallery (which might help me with the layout solution) with eStore plugin. Wondering if anyone has experience with this… or examples of good artist sites, since I can’t find a showcase for it.

    I’m really liking the look of some YAK sites I’ve seen… has the layout features I’m looking for, though I’m wondering if it’s a headache to set up. Anyone with experience with these or other solutions for artist’s ecommerce sites??

    Thanks again for your replies.

    You could convert the Table layouts to CSS. It’s not that hard to do Robin. WordPress is a great option for shopping carts and stores. I like eCart better because it looks more professional but that look also requires a PayPal Pro account and there is a 20% merchant hold of every sale (for 90 days to guard against chargebacks) so maybe you might not like that about eCart. Otherwise just get the PayPal Button extension (it’s free) and you can make PayPal buttons right in Dreamweaver…

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