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  • I just set up a wordpress site yesterday and have been creating lots of categories within wp e-commerce. I now notice that the categories aren’t automatically defaulting to alphabetical order. Also, one of the categories shows as if there are 8 products in that category when, in fact, there are only 4 items.

    Here is my site to give you a visual. I really don’t know what I need to do. Any suggestions or insights? Thx.


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  • Are you using the widget “(WPEC) Product Categories” to display the categories in your sidebar?

    I’m a WPEC version or two behind the latest but that widget on my site does not allow me to show the product counts for the category – yours does show the counts so maybe your using something different?

    Widget (WPEC) Product Categories does correctly sort the category list into order for me.

    I clicked on Ravens(8) and it did show me 8 products.

    It looks like your using theme twentysixteen which doesn’t appear to display yor products tidily at present. Trying going into Settings ->Store ->Presentation and click on Flush Theme Cache then refresh your browser and see if that tidies up the display.

    Thanks for your reply, Toshi.

    I tried your suggestion but it didn’t solve the issue to sort the categories alphabetically. It had been working correctly initially, but then it seemed to suddenly switch from sorting alphabetically to sorting by time of category creation.

    Also, the category that was showing the quantities incorrectly is “Fruit”. I had added more to the category before you went to my site, hence the number difference.

    The category is still not displaying correctly. It says I have 20 products, when in fact I have only 10.

    Under Products->Categories you can drag and drop the categories into any order you like and thats how they’ll appear in your sidebar widget.

    If a product is added into two sub categories eg Citrus and Fruit (which I assume is what you have done?) then perhaps it is being counted as 2 products – once for each sub category?

    I only have two levels of category (main and sub) so I don’t know how the counts work if as on your site there are 3 (main Food, sub Fruit and sub-sub Citrus or Berries)

    Good morning Toshi.

    You are right about dragging and dropping. I was able to reorganize it more. But I notice that when I add a new parent category it just randomly goes where it wants to. I think it is actually going right above the last parent category that was created. Same for when I add a new subcategory. It is defaulting to the top of the list. For example, I added the subcategory “berries to the parent category “fruit”. Afterwards, I added “citrus”. The subcategory placed itself above “berries”. I had to manually move it into alphabetical position.

    As for the discrepancy in number of items it displays, this is the only category giving a false count.

    I think I am going to have to live with this issue. Maybe there will be a fix in the next update.

    Thanks so much for your feedback.

    Nope, after all the dragging and dropping and saving, etc. the shopping cart categories are not being sorted properly. What I see in my dashboard does not match the ordering on my website. It is very frustrating. I reorder one category only to have other categories get reshuffled.

    Just so you know there’s an issue.
    Thanks for listening.

    The Food category is the only one where you have 3 levels all the others only have 2. Thats probably why the count is different.

    You could try editing 1 citrus product to remove it from the Fruit category. Then check the category totals. Next click on the Fruit category in the sidebar and see if the edited citrus product still appears in the Fruit category.

    If it does then edit the rest of the Citrus and Berries to do the same.

    If it does not appear in the Fruit category go into your shop settings and in the Presentation tab there’s a field ‘Show Subcategory Products in Parent Category’. Select Yes then re-check the Fruit category and the edited citrus product should appear there.

    Alternatively you could just tick No in the Show Product Count per Product Category.

    I tried the drag/drop and it works correctly for me BUT it was tricky to drag/drop into the correct place and thats on my site with only a few categories.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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