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  • I’m really stuck now. Can’t figure this one out on my own. So I turn to you all.

    When I (logged in admin) put stuff in my YITH wishlist or my shopping cart, everything works fine. But when an anonymous visitor tries the same, it shows “shopping cart is empty” (the same with the wishlist).

    I’ve tried to disable the CDN and Redis cache.
    I’ve asked my provider to flush the cache
    I’ve emptied the cache from WP super cache
    I’ve manually removed all cached files
    I’ve turned all plugins off, except woocommerce
    I’ve re-saved the permalinks and excluded the wishlist and shopping cart in WP super cache
    I’ve downgraded from WC 3.0.9 to 3.0.8 by replacing the files with the ones from 3.0.8
    I’ve tried to restore a full backup from 4 days ago
    I’ve tried a plugin that renames the JS files (recommended by WC)
    I’ve switched themes
    I’ve updated everything
    I checked my theme files for PHP errors
    I checked the console in Chrome for errors or anything weird
    I checked my HTACCESS file

    The weird thing is, it was working fine a few days ago as far as I’m aware. But it has stopped functioning now.
    Everything on the site seems to be working fine, without any problem. It is just the shopping cart and wishlist that isn’t working anymore.

    my site is: (it is in Dutch )
    Google Translate might help: (although it breaks the design a bit….)
    In short: the wishlist is called “verlanglijst”
    And the shopping cart is “winkelwagen”

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  • Have you tried disabling the wishlist plugin? Would the cart behave the same if you did?

    Yes, I tried to disable all the plugins, and the cart still did the same.

    I was using Varnish on the server, but I’ve asked the provider to turn it off for me. This should be visible at any moment now.

    When I switched themes, I also had all the plugins disabled, and had the same problem.

    I have just tried it again and looks like you have it solved.

    Yes, I believe I managed to fix it. It took me several hours though haha.

    After much playing around, I discovered that I couldn’t log into my test accounts. Which I needed to solve before knowing what else needed fixing.
    By trial and errors I discovered that Woocommerce has an option to display a message that the shop is under construction. Its in the general section (shop message?).
    After much searching, I found it blocks the creation of sessions, preventing cookies from saving data that includes products and such. Disabling this option allowed me to log back in with my test account, and also solved the saving of products in the wishlist and shopping cart.

    Everything seems to be working fine now.
    The option I’m talking about apparently does more then just display a message about the shop being under construction, it actually prevents people from buying anything or from logging in. A bit weird since I assume most webshop developers use test-accounts.

    But hey-ho, its working again and I can continue implementing cool stuff 🙂

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