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    hello. i am trying to setup a cart on my site. i hope i get some help here.
    this is what i need to do:
    – Store (the page name) a drop down with 4 categories (eyes, face, garters, lips) then in each category there will be a sub category for example (eyes category will have: eye brows, eye lashes, eye liner, eye shadows, mascara) and in each of these sub categories will have the actual products where customers can purchase.
    Also in the Store page, is there a way to add 4 thumbnails for the main categories?
    thank you very much for checking this.

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  • Hi IceVision,

    The virtue theme is Woocommerce-enabled out of the box.

    First, change the name from Shop to Store in the Woocommerce > Settings > Products tab.

    Next, Set up the categories and sub categories (add the categories thumbnails here) from the Products > Categories admin panel, then add your products and assign them to the appropriate sub category.

    In the Appearance > Menus area, add the Store menu item, the 4 categories as its children, and the sub categories as the categories’children. Virtue will display the menu items in a nice drop-down.

    To have the categories display on your Store page, set the Display Type of each category (in the Categories admin panel) to Products.

    I hope this helps.



    Hey, here’s a pretty good tutorial on woocommerce:


    Hi IceVision,

    Just to rectify, to display categories on the Store page, the Display Type of each category (and sub category) needs to be Subcategories (not Products).

    This way, when you are on the Store page, you see the Category image, when you click on the Category image or link and land on the Category page, you have the sub-category image, and when you click on the sub-category image or link and land on the Sub-category page, you find the Sub-category product images.

    I hope this is useful.

    Hannah, Antoinetta456..
    thank you SO MUCH 🙂 appreciate your help..

    one more question please. i understand that the theme that im using is woocommerce enabled. Will it be the same process with another premium theme? or do i need to create the pages (name the pages same as the categories) and then change them in the menu area? thanks again.

    Hi ceVision,

    That your theme is Woocommerce-enabled simply means that you need to install Woocommerce like you would any other plugin. After that, the plugin gives you a message that tells you that the next step is to let Woocommerce add the required pages, e.g., Shop, Account, etc. It’s Woocommerce that thinks about adding the required pages.

    Your theme has everything in place for Woocommerce support and to make it look good and in line with the theme’s look and feel.

    What you need to do is to adjust your shop’s settings, add categories, subcategories and products, and add the pages Woocommerce has created to your menu, so that they will be accessible.

    Everything that’s done via the plugin remains on your site irrespective of the theme you use. However, if your theme doesn’t explicitly support Woocommerce (not all of them do), you need to add the support yourself. To do so, here’s the relevant documentation link:

    However, if you go all the way to buying a theme, make sure it’s already Woocommerce-enabled, and you’ll make life much easier for yourself.

    I hope this has been helpful.

    Thank you Antoinetta456!
    Here’s what i did so far:
    – I’ve added the categories (eyes, face, lips..) uploaded a thumbnail, set parent to none, and display type as category (even tried subcategories).
    then I’ve added a subcategory (Eye Brows) set parent to “Eyes” and Display type as subcategories and added a thumbnail.
    Finally i’ve added another one (Eye Brow threesome) and set the Parent to Eye Brows… then the display type as Products…
    And of course I’ve added the menus to the menu.
    This is great so far, however, what i’m seeing on the Store page is the product thumbnail not the Category then the sub category… and also with the drop down, is it going to show ALL the categories, subcategories and the products as a drop down?

    I hope this makes sense. thanks again..

    Hello again!! I managed to solve the issue about what appears on the Store page by going to WooCommerce Settings > Products > product listings and changed the shop page display to “show categories” etc… which is GREAT!!
    the only thing i need to know is if the products in the Store page drop down can be disabled? because i will be putting up quiet a few products and as far as i can see, they will all show in the dropdown! is that how it’s supposed to be?
    thank you.. 🙂 🙂

    GOT IT!! sorry i keep talking to myself haha!! but it was in the menu! so all good now. i promise! 😛

    That’s fine, I’ve just gone through your posts and I’m glad you found the solution (talking out loud helps soooooooo much, I assure you).

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