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    I’m trying to build a shoppers community website, based on WooComerece. The website admin approves a community registration form, created and submitted by a community manager. The community manager has a billing and shipping addresses and payments method. Every new user/customer registration includes a mandatory “Community” field to choose a community membership from a dropdown single choice list field of all approved communities list. The user/customer registration is subject to the community manager, and the new user/customer profile inherits automatically the community manager billing and shipping addresses and payments method. Can your plugin help me achieve this goals by adding custom fields to the users database?
    Thank you very much.

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    Hello @menni50

    Thank you for your interest in PeepSo plugin.
    I’m not sure if you’re asking if PeepSo features can build on top of that scenario, or you want to do that with PeepSo, so I’m going to offer the answer in both scenarios.

    Case 1 – WooCommerce handles all user registration and profile fields
    Unfortunately, in this case, PeepSo isn’t of much use, because while we do have integration with WooCommerce, we don’t touch any profile fields in WooCommerce profile.
    If you need more information how those profile fields work, this is the good start for reading https://woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-memberships-profile-fields/

    Case 2 – PeepSo handles user registration and profile fields
    Now this is where PeepSo excels 🙂
    As an administrator, you can chose to approve all user accounts and you can set unlimited number of different profile fields for the profile, including but not limited to the fields that only admin can edit, which can be useful if you need to edit some information manually, however, one user can not “inherit” the value of the field from other user. You need to outsource that for custom development.

    I hope my answer helped you. If you have more questions, do let me know, but be advised we do not actively monitor this forum.
    Our support is provided exclusively on https://peepso.com/contact so feel free to contact us there for instant answer 🙂

    Have a great day

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