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  • Using the free trail only allows 5 products to be uploaded, so you can’t get a genuine feel for what the store will be like once you upload and extra 50 or so.

    To say I was not impressed is an understatement. I created categories and place products within them. I thought I would be able to have categories only on the shopfront page, which customers could then click on to be taken to a page with a full listing of items in that category only.

    Not so. All products are thrown up on the same page in a jumble. It is ridiculous to expect someone to have to search through 30 items that are completely unrelated before they see the one they want. That is the quickest way to actually lose customers!

    I searched the forums to find an answer, only to see a “helpful” staff member advise you can’t set categories, you have to set up a page within your website to then direct people – except the only place to direct them is to the one page which is a mess of all products – or to an individual product.

    Let’s say I sell CDs and books. I can’t list all CDs in one section and all books in another. People just have to go through everything. Even worse, I actually sell services and products.

    I don’t understand why this isn’t an option. It’s not that hard surely? I feel I have been lied to through omission. Not telling me upfront I won’t be able to set up categories for people to search through – which for many people would be an important issue – feels like an underhanded, dirty trick. Save your money.

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    I am sorry you had a bad experience… I think maybe there was some mis-communication or something.

    Of course we offer categories, and they are very easy to use. Just create a category, add products to them, then show them on your store menu using wordpress menus.

    Have a look at our demos:

    These all use the one single store page and then run categories of products like you wanted. Maybe the confuse was you wanted to run a category for your main store page, and for that one page, I would either just create a single new wordpress page with shortcode for the category instead of the full store OR just use the menus and rename it ‘store’ instead of ‘CDs’ or something.

    I read the review though and it sounded like I stole your first born or something? not trying to be underhanded or pull dirty tricks at all đŸ™‚ only human, maybe miscommunication.


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