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  • Hi WordPress!,

    I am a newbie to WordPress but figuring things out as i go.

    I am no coder but know how to edit code already existed in small portions.

    All my pages are working correctly but my shop page is not. It shows the details in front of the actual page instead of being inset in the page. I have used various ecommerce plugins and disabled them and now i have installed WooCommerce but every single ecommerce i do choose to install, the same thing happens. So i think its to do with the coding part of the page but i am unsure.

    Also the Blog Menu seems to be in the footer of the shop page which is strange. Any Help would be very much appreciated!
    my website is Please see the Shop page and you will know what i going on about.


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  • Hi,
    You to create the product in admin dashboard-> Products with add new.
    I think you didn’t create any product i believe. Let me know what you are needed from my side.


    the thing is that it has nothing to do with woocommerce if you check my site out you will know what i mean on the shop page…. click the ” Please see the shop” above to go to the shop in question im stuck

    the shop is actually extending OVER the page itself….it doesnt matter which ecommerce i use it still does the same thing. also you will notice that the footer has taken the blog sidebar for some reason :/ im mind boggled lol

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    So it’s an issue with your theme? Which theme is it?

    WP Opulus is the theme im using….havnt had any problems before tho with it. just when i installed the other ecommerce plugins and uninstalled.

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    It’s either an issue with the plugin or theme, or both. It’s likely to be both as there are both theme styles and WooCommerce styles (you can turn this off) on the Shop page.

    ive tried everything i can possibly do on the page side of things i mean if i showed you the coding where would i need to go to copy and paste it? in the styles section?

    ive been reading about integrating woocommerce with the theme ive got and it states There are two ways to resolve this; using hooks (for advanced users/developers) or using our catch-all woocommerce_content() function inside your theme.

    now i dont have a clue how to do that is there any other simpler way of doing it or step by step instructions?

    An easier solution may be to find a theme that already supports WooCommerce or consider another ecommerce plugin.

    For help with the theme, you need to post on the theme’s forum:

    You should start by making a child theme so that your changes are not lost when the theme is updated –

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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