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  • Hi out there!
    I’m writing here since the german forum is pretty weak sometimes. So I hope I’ll get some hope from the international community. Please excuse any mistake so they may appear since i’m not a native speaker.

    My problem: I want to build an order form which get’s it’s values from the nextgen gallery-plugin. It’s just to request information about certain products. So no real business taking place there. To say it short and hopefully understandable: You get to a page with the nextgen gallery – there under every pic is a button “remember me for info-request”. If the user clicks on it he should get a message like “xyz was added to your request list”. If the user then gets to the contact-form or request form (does the name really matter?) there should be a field with the values (names) of the products he clicked before already listed for submission. So that he just needs to fill in his details.

    I was thining to simply use a shop system and kick of all the not usefull things for this case. But since my skills in php are a little weak (to speak of it very charming) i’m really shy to do this. I think i will get into bigger problems with ease 😉 And somehow i think there should be an easy way. Cause for me as a non-programmer it looks like – click – cookie – click – cookie – contact form – read cookie and write value into textbox.

    Any help really really appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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