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  • Hello. I’ve tried to use some WP-Shop plugins but they don’t work with the latest version of WordPress, 2.0.3 Can someone help please and tell me if he/she found any good online-shop-plugins? Thank you!

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  • I was just looking for the same thing myself. The only shopping cart plugin I found is here:

    I haven’t tried it. If you try it and it works, will you let me know? The installation looks a little involved to just upload on a whim (obviously, it’s a shopping cart).

    The shopping cart plugin found at is easy to install. You copy the files into the plugins folder, activate the plugin, select the payment gateway and it works!! Now all you have to do is add products.

    I can attest that it is very easy to use. If you want an example (it only has test products currently), go to Paypal also allows you to offer a credit card checkout.

    I tried to install it, and it appears to me the install instructions are incomplete, or something. All kinds of junk in the .zip I downloaded, including bak files and such. I didn’t have time to check out what was going on, but it ain’t right as it is. It might be a great plugin. I hope I have time to get it working at some point.

    this only allows for paypal?

    In order for it to work, you need paypal, but the buyers don’t need paypal.

    I was hoping for a bluepay gateway since I use blue pay for all of my credit card transactions. Does anyone know of a show that makes use of blue pay and ties in with wordpress?

    I briefly explored the instinct plugin, but it didn’t seem robust enough to offer everything I needed. Plus I thought it looked to amateur (at least how I would integrate it), and didn’t instill trust for me to enter my credit card info.

    I gave up on the wordpress shopping cart plugins and tried looking for alternatives to use, such as one of the other 500 paypal compatible shopping carts out there, but finding a shopping cart that blends in with wordpress so that it all looks like the same site is really difficult.

    I thought I could use the ezstatic plugin to pull in some pages created from a yahoo hosted merchant account shopping cart page — no luck there. The yahoo merchant account pages use XML code that won’t display with the ezstatic plugin.

    I was hoping to create a wordpress site that integrated a shopping cart. Now it looks like I’ll be creating a yahoo merchant shopping cart site that has a link to a blog. oh well.

    (by the way, i’m only using the yahoo thing b/c the person for whom i’m building the site already had an account there — i personally think the yahoo service is pretty confusing and nonintuitive. luckily there’s a help manual, but does it really need to be 384 pages only? geez. still, after several hrs of plugging through it, i can see that it’s use of xml is pretty ingenious and may prove easy once i get used to the system.)

    One of my client’s has an account with CC Now, but some people advised me that customers would prefer to see the PayPal name, for trust. Anyone agree?

    I’ve got a plan to just build the Store using WordPress, in a couple Categories, with the ultimate payment page being over on PayPal or CCNow. Problem is, there won’t be a “Shopping Cart” view within my WordPress site, although I will have individual product pages/posts — WP won’t be keeping track of multiple items the shopper might want in the same transaction. Ugh, that’s not ideal for encouraging sales and staying in-theme.

    As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t use WordPress to build my shopping cart site, so I ended up using yahoo merchant instead. You can see the fishing flickerbait site at or It’s pretty much finished — you can see how the shopping cart integrates seamlessly. I don’t think that integration is possible with WordPress right now, and that poses a huge challenge for WordPress (if it wants to double as site-building/content management software). Sitebuilder’s shopping cart interface is extremely easy and convenient to use. On the other hand, WordPress offers the ability to post in such a timely, easy fashion. I just wish a good shopping cart plugin were created for WordPress. The inability to integrate a seamless shopping cart into a WordPress site has been a huge letdown for me in terms of my wordpress enthusiasm. Oh well.



    Due to the developer withdrawing and leaving quite a few holes in the programme I have withdrawn wp shop for the moment. The good news is that very shortly (i.e. 18th October) it will be released redeveloped and ready.

    Send me an email and I will reply when it is ready. rich at cregy dot net.


    In order for it to work, you need paypal, but the buyers don’t need paypal.

    I love it when people say this, buyers don’t need paypal account, but if you ever look at a paypal page they mislead buyers into thinking they have to create an account,

    even if you don’t have to they design the page so that you appear to have no other option,

    It’s not that hard to figure out…. sheesh.

    Try out the latest version of WP e-Commerce. The first and the best shopping cart plugin to hit the streets.

    Its getting better and better all the time!

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