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  • Hi,

    We have been trying to solve this for ages and really find no way to do so:

    On the woocommerce shop page:

    it is impossible to get it to pickup the all in one SEO metatags entered in the admin section for that page. We have checked everyhting carefully a hundred times:

    – There is only 1 shop page in our list of pages
    – the all in one meta tags HAVE been entered and are displaying correctly on the admin page
    – We have installed the All in one SEO plugin add on for Woo commerce as well as the regular All inn one SEO plugin for the main pages of the website.

    Every page is working fine and displaying the meta tags fine EXCEPT the shop page, that does not diisplay ANY description and keywords and displays an imposed title “Products |”.

    We are desperate to solve this as it affects our Google rankings / SEO.

    We would be grateful for your support on this,


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  • You can set the “Shop” page title tag by putting the text you want in “Archive Title Format:” on All In One SEO settings page.

    I haven’t figured out how to set the meta description though.

    Thank you.

    that’s helpful.

    Having said that, I looked at a few woo-commerce based websites and NONE on them had meta tags (description / keywords) for the shop pages!

    That is such a let down and unthinkable by today’s standards in terms of SEO / Google requirments.

    For me it is a deal breaker if there is no solution to that. I wonder what other users may think.

    I so hope I am wrong…

    The problem, I think is a bug in wc (maybe an intentional design choice?), where the “shop” page isn’t treated like a page, its treated like a post archive so it never queries any of the meta defined in the actual shop page.

    Wow, thanks.

    This is such a let down they have come to version 1.6 or so of this software and not addressed this crucial issue.

    It is hard to see how an e-commerce software that simply does not comply with Google’s most basic requirments / gets you penalised for missing tags etc should be of use.

    It’s a shame because appart from that it is a great ecommerce platform.
    but getting the main shop page to be unable to rank in google at its optimum best is just a deal breaker.

    I hope they fix this as a matter of urgency, but by the sound of it, it doesn’t trouble them too much.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    The shop page isn’t a real page. It’s just a placeholder for the products archive (similar to how wordpress allows you to set a “blog” page)

    Does your plugin not allow you to set meta tags on custom post archives?

    “All In One SEO” is the plugin we use for meta tags, and it seems to be the one Woo commerce recommends as there is the plugin for the products “all in One SEO WooCommerce”.

    So, we can set meta tags on every single page of the website, including blog posts, archieved blog posts etc. It just picks up whatever metatags are entered on the post. Same thing for pages.

    The plugin works great with the woocommerce products pages also, all products have their unique meta tags.

    The shop page is the only page I have ever encountered in any wordpress site where it just would not pick up the meta tags entered for it, or have no way of setting them.

    I understand what you meant that they have set up the page as a placeholder, but really, there has to be a way of adding simple meta tags to it, sine it is the main shop page cached by Google.

    What plugin do you suggest that will have tags on “custom post archieves” we should use for this page?

    Many thanks.

    There is a solution to this if you are happy to do a small bit of coding – when WooCommerce calls the get_header function, it passes the name of the page to the function. This means that the function will look in your theme’s directory for a page specific header file to use first (in this case header-shop.php) before it uses the generic header file (header.php). What this basically means is that if you copy the header.php file from your themes directory and rename it “header-shop.php”, you will have a header file that only the shop page uses. If you open it up, it will be exactly the same as the generic one you have just copied but you can add a meta description tag into it and that tag will only appear on the shop page.

    You can see an example of this meta description on my woocommerce shop page at

    I added just before the generic wordpress header is called:

    <meta name="description" content="Buy Kendama at the UKs number one Kendama Shop" />
    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    I know this is a bit of a shonky workaround and we really shouldn’t have to resort to stuff like this, but if you just want to get it fixed and move on, this will help you!

    That worked.
    thanks a lot for your help. this is very useful.

    many thanks

    WordPress SEO by Yoast Just added this: Allow variables in meta description for post type archive, which would alleviate this issue.

    bheadrick How do you Allow variables in meta description for post type archive

    My “Shop” page does not display meta desc.

    Going back to the 2nd post in this thread, by astreetweb…

    You can set the “Shop” page title tag by putting the text you want in “Archive Title Format:” on All In One SEO settings page.

    I actually cannot get the page title tag to be set correctly simply by putting the text in “Archive Title Format”. All that does is append this text to the “Products” wp_title — it does not overwrite it. So I get something like this “Catalog Products | blogname” instead of what I want “Catalog | blogname”.

    It also doesn’t seem to matter if All-in-one-SEO is active or not — the WooCommerce main shop page title tag always comes out “Products”.

    Has anyone figured out how to get the WooCommerce main “Shop” page title tag to be set or overwritten with a filter? I can hard-code the change in the WooCommerce plugin. I can hard-code new logic in my theme headers. I can hard-code the change in WordPress itself. However, none of these options is viable, as any updates to WooCommerce, my theme, or WordPress will overwrite this change.

    Please help!!! 🙂 Thank you,
    Marty McGee –

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