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    It works if you disable javascript, which I realise is the same as not working.

    Your theme is version 1.1 published on 02/03/14. Suggest you update to the latest version which is 1.3.0 published on 05/03/14. Looks like its a very new theme and the author is still getting bugs out of the code.

    As its a commercial theme, the price you paid should include support from the author.

    Thank you lorro. The author has not answered me. Where do you see a thene update? I don’t see it on Themeforest or in my dashbord.

    Not all themes have integrated dashboard update and it has to be done manually. To get the update, go to the themeforest website, login to your account using the credentials in the email they sent you on purchase, go to the <yourname> menu, downloads menu item. There you should find the latest versions of any themes you have bought for you to download.

    It says the theme install failed, so do I have to remove the theme first and reinstall it? What is showing is the exact same file I had before.

    I wouldn’t delete the old theme files at this stage. The new files will overwrite the existing ones.

    Sometimes the automated theme install fails due to a temporary internet connection fault or because the zip is too big for your server’s upload limit. In these cases you can unzip the zip on your hard drive, then use FTP to move the files from your hard drive to the server, just take care to keep the directory structure.

    As with all updates, take a backup first.

    It says the file already exists. The file in the downloads on Themeforest is the same one that I initally installed (I think on 3/26). I do see that the current theme should be 1.3, but it gave me 1.1 when I did the install. I don’t have a way to do a backup because I don’t have access to the main website (host) and we never do. It’s not a big deal if we lose the info on the site however.

    I don’t think backup plugins need host access. They work inside WordPress.

    I sympathise with you that the author has not answered you. I hear that a lot from people who have bought themes with “support”. However, the author is best placed to answer your original question. Maybe you can escalate the issue with themeforest. I don’t think they will want to get bad rep.

    For this forum’s view on supporting commercial products see the Forum welcome.

    Ultimately, if you have a theme which doesn’t work and for which there is no support, you may need to try a WooCommerce compatible theme.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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