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  • download links and cover pictures may be related to theme you use – check source code of generated page and CSS – may be class name conflicts.

    shortcodes are explained when you edit gallery like this:

    You can add the Single Gallery on the page or in the post by inserting this shortcode in the content:

    [print_gllr id=X]

    If you want to take a brief display of the gallery with a link to a Single Gallery Page:

    [print_gllr id=X display=short]

    first shortcode display pictures
    second shortcode display coverpage and description with link to gallery like in galleries index page.

    all other things you need to know are in FAQ

    I am using this plugin in a site I’m working on. When you install it correctly and add pictures correctly from the start, you get a simple gallery that looks good, and the images expand quickly when clicked for a nice looking and nice working enlargement.

    The problems come when you don’t do everything right at first, or when you want to change something. I reinstalled a clean WordPress for testing, and did some more checking. The results left me even more convinced of my original description: SHODDY.

    1. After playing around a while with the shortcode variations and the download-links checkbox, I ran into so many glitches that I tried to deactivate and reactivate the plugin. After deactivating, I should have seen the shortcode [print_gllry id=185] in my page, unprocessed. Instead the shortcode was still getting processed, and I received this: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_excerpt_max_charlength()..” This plugin doesn’t even deactivate itself cleanly.

    2. Before trying to deactivate, I ran into various glitches. In particular, I changed my shortcode usage from normal gallery view to “display=short” view. Worked great! Then I changed back to the normal view, but still got the “display=short” view. So I tried to create a new page with the normal-view shortcode and STILL got the “display=short” view. UGH! That’s when I tried to deactivate and reactivate.

    3. Somewhere in all of this I tried to get download links to appear. I never succeeded, possibly because of these other issues.

    4. Meanwhile, the documentation for the plugin is scattered all over the place: on its home page in the first three tabs, and here and there in the gallery options and in the gallery-edit page.

    My overall feeling is:

    • terrific results when it works
    • shoddy and buggy implementation
    • terrible documentation

    It’s a shame, considering that this could be an elegant, simple way to make a simple gallery.

    Plugin Author bestwebsoft


    Hello yoopits,

    1) We can’t understand why you didn’t remove the shortcode or didn’t activate the plugin from page. It can’t work correctly, because plugin is deactivated.
    2) Please check the correct spelling of shortcode:
    [print_gllr id=Your_gallery_post_id display=short] – for short variant;
    [print_gllr id=Your_gallery_post_id] – for full variant;
    If you done everything correctly, but the gallery still displayed
    improperly, perhaps, it is a cache problem. You should clean the site cache, browser and server cache.
    3) It is not clear, what exactly problem you have. Please describe it in more details and provide the URL.


    Hello BestWebSoft,

    Regarding the bug related to deactivating the Gallery plugin, your answer noted ways that I might have avoided it. I would have preferred if your answer had said “we fixed the bug.” Once a WordPress plugin is deactivated, it should no longer have any effect whatsoever on the website — this is important.

    Regarding the problems related to “display=short” and “download links”, I removed the Gallery plugin a while ago, so I can’t reproduce and describe those problems again. However, as my previous message noted, I was using a clean WordPress installation to retest the glitches that I complained about earlier — and they still happened even when using this clean install.

    Your response didn’t mention my complaint about documentation. As examples, let’s use the issues in this message. The Gallery plugin has features for “display=short” and “download links”, but it doesn’t describe what these features are supposed to do. In my case, I just decided to test them and see. As noted in my previous message: In the first case, it did something nice, but then stopped working. In the second case, I never saw it do anything. The whole experience would have been better and simpler if these (and other) features were described better, and if the documentation were organized better.

    I like this Gallery plugin and that’s why I took the time to criticize it. It’s simpler to use than many others, and still it does a lot. As I said in my previous message, “this could be an elegant, simple way to make a simple gallery.” But its many glitches and bugs make it impossible for me to use it and rely on it. Please test it thoroughly, feature by feature, and fix it! Thank you.

    PS: Regarding the “display=short” bug, I described two simple steps that caused it. Try those steps yourself and tell us your results. If you get the problem, you can fix it. If not, it’s my mistake (or a problem with my hosting company’s server setup).

    I had exactly the same issue…

    To fix – I copied the style.css contents from the plug-in directory and added to my theme style.css.

    Secondly, just for semantics… I removed the spaces/linebreaks in the code (gallery-plugin.php line 1056) between
    <li><img style="width:
    <div class="clear"></div></li>
    – this removed a stray bullet point from my pages which had been
    causing me some grief.

    Hope this helps, fixed it for me anyways 🙂

    The Ladysmith Camera Club Website has the twentyten theme with the BWS Gallery was working perfectly until I did the plugin upgrades for the Gallery and Word Press. Now the BWS Gallery is missing from the plugin list but when I try to re-install it, it fails saying it is already installed. So Where do I start? Also on the site there is the following message

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_excerpt_max_charlength() in /homepages/12/d437224139/htdocs/wp-content/themes/twentyten/gallery-template.php on line 76

    Plugin Author bestwebsoft


    Hello yoopits,

    You are fist who complains about the documentation.
    display=short – it is a displaying in the short form, not in the expanded form. If you read the section Frequently Asked Questions of Readme file, then you should know that the plugin has the opportunity to display all galleries with page navigation on the page and display one gallery in the expanded form.
    The display=short implies the gallery displaying with help of shortcode, as on the overview page of all galleries (in the short form with link to the gallery page in the expanded form).
    download links – the gallery edit page has the option “Allow the download link for all images in this gallery” over images. When this option is active, the link to image “Download high resolution image” appears in the lightbox.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team

    Plugin Author bestwebsoft



    Hope this helps, fixed it for me anyways 🙂 – bullet point is not connected with the lines transfer. It is a a style of ul element displaying in your theme. And you shouldn’t change the plugin code.
    No wonder that something is not working then.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team

    Plugin Author bestwebsoft


    Patricia Haugen,

    We didn’t see this bug. Could you please write which plugin and wordpress version you had before update and which versions you have now?
    Please contact our quick support so that we could clarify all details about this bug. Also please provide an access to admin area, so that we could analyse the problem.
    We should know which errors appear there.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team

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