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    It’s very clear after buying this product that you aren’t dealing with a business, you’re dealing with a little brat selling plugins…

    If you’re wanting any kind of customer service or support / questions with using this product, don’t buy it. I purchased the pro upgrade version & any email I sent would be treated as if i’m an inconvenience, i’ll quote a reply I had from Cristian Stoicescu:

    “Fuck man, I’m simply selling a WordPress plugin, not Facebook ads courses.”

    8:08AM 21/09/2018

    Cristian Stoicescu

    The product does work, but be clear you’re dealing with someone who genuinely does not give a shit about your business.

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    How interesting, Josh!

    But somehow this comes as no surprise since all our conversations have been like this.

    You’ve been aggressive, unpolite and dead wrong since the very beginning.

    Maybe you should also quote the other “fuck man” messages you sent me before that reply of mine. But that’s probably your businesslike style and I didn’t get it.

    At least you noticed that the plugin is working. That’s one step further, as far as I’m concerned.

    Take care!

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