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    I have a monthly subscription box, of which there are six products ie 1, 3 or 6 monthly, one off and gift boxes. I only ship within the UK, but would like to add shipping to Europe to all my products. Problem is the monthly products are set up with a sign up fee so I can get payment immediately to send the box out that month. So the sign up fee had the UK flat rate included, the problem now is the Euro flat rate will have a reduced sign up fee. Do I need to set up new products for the Euro rate or is there a way around this?

    At the moment I am trying to keep the monthly products to be shipped in the UK only until I resolve this, but for some reason it is still bringing up European countries in the drop down country menu and also showing shipping as free. I added Product Country Restriction plugin but its not made any difference. What am I doing wrong?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi there @livruff

    As a pre-cursor: this is more of a Subscriptions question rather than core WooCommerce but as a whole, the shipping costs should be seen as separate to the Product price as otherwise, things get messy.

    Can you give me a few examples of pricing and shipping and what you’d like the set up to be?

    I only ship within the UK, but would like to add shipping to Europe to all my products.
    but for some reason it is still bringing up European countries in the drop down country menu and also showing shipping as free

    If you want to restrict shipping right now for just the UK, you can change this in the main WooCommerce settings under Shipping location(s)

    This question from the Subscriptions FAQ might help –


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    Hi @dougaitken

    I think I would need to create seperate products for Europe for the subscription products, the one off and gift boxes I have sorted out now.

    For the monthly subs, of which there are 3 products set up, I have a sign up fee which includes the price plus UK postage eg. Monthly £15 + £3.95 = £18.95 and the same amount for renewals each month. The same applies to my 3 month and 6 monthly subs.

    The complication is the Euro rate is £7.90 so my sign up fee would not take this amount into account, why is why I am thinking of creating seperate products, which will confuse things but I cant see a way around it.

    Secondly, if I set up seperate Euro rated products, how do I make the UK flat rate products just for the UK, at the moment it is still showing a drop box for Europe and Uk countries, and if you select Europe it makes the postage free. I just want it to be restricted to the UK. How do I do that?

    What about making your products to be variable products, then, instead of the variations having attributes such as colour or size, as they could well do if you were selling a Tee-Shirt for examole, make the attributes something like “UK” and “European”.
    Then when a buyer wanted something, they would have to select a destination of Europe or UK.
    Each variation can have its own pricing set up when you are making the said variations on the settings page for the product.
    That way, you should be able to achieve the result you are aiming for – if I have understood your problem correctly!
    Hope it gives you another avenue to explore
    Good luck

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    Hi @fingersmorris

    That is a exactly what I need I think! I need people to be able to click on a product and then be able to select the country and be charged accordingly, ie signup fee and shipping rate to show relevant totals for either Europe or UK

    Thanks for the suggestion, going to give that a try!

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    So I have created a variable subscription and it still hasn’t sorted anything. I have created a drop box on the product page so people have to select either UK or Europe shipping. This solves the problem of the different sign-up fees, but in checkout you can still then select either UK or Europe which then gives you the wrong shipping rate. So people from Europe can select the cheaper UK box and still get it sent to Europe. Gah! This is frustrating because I added two plugins, Product Country Restriction and also Advanced Shipping Conditions, which neither work for this scenario.

    Am I the only person selling subscription boxes to Europe and the UK, why is this so complicated?

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