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    In our store we have products which have various VAT. In shipping calculation it leads to incorrect shipping price. I have investigated this problem deeper. Things that I found out:

    If you combine two products with various tax it often leads to incorrect tax calculation. Woocommerce takes the highest shipping price of products that are in cart (without tax) and adds the VAT of the most taxxed product.

    For example we have two products:

    Socks (10% VAT tax) shipped for 15,9€ total (without tax: 14,4545€, VAT: 1,4455€)
    T-shirt (24% VAT tax) shipped for 16,9€ total (without tax: 13,6290€, VAT: 3,271€)
    An outcome for this should be 16,9€ with 24% VAT (because it is greater than 15,9€ and the highest VAT Tax needs to be added for the shipping). Instead, it would be 17,92€. Why? Because the Woo took the 14,4545€ (because is the highest number) and added the highest tax -> 24%. This is something that doesn’t make sence at all.

    In Woocommerce you can only enter prices excluding tax. There is option in Tax tab to exclude VAT, but it would mean the tax in all shipping is 0%, which is incorrect and illegal.

    My question is that, does Woocommerce devveloper team plan to add this feature? Enter shipping price inclusive of tax? It is possible to do with products, why not shipping too?

    Thank you for kind replies

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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