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  • In the checkout, in the area where you specify “Please specify shipping location below to calculate your shipping costs” After the person chooses a state and clicks on the “calculate” button, on our cart, there is only one choice: table rate. Is there a way to automatically select that radio button? Customers are missing it and end up having to re-enter their billing and payment information. since we only offer the calcuated table option, it’s awkward to have the user have to check a button.

    Please advise.


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  • Anyone?

    Exactly the same problem (and question) here.
    If there’s only one option, it should be automatically selected and added to the total. Bam.

    You can add a little filter to your functions.php that sets the default shipping quote. Set it to the only quote if there is one, the least expensive, the fastest. Pretty much whatever you want.

    The filter is wpsc_default_shipping_quote.

    See WP-e-Commerce\wpsc-includes\cart.class.php at line 436 where the hook is fired.

    // let the world pick a default shipping quote
    		if (  empty( $this->selected_shipping_option ) && is_array( $this->shipping_quotes ) && ! empty( $this->shipping_quotes ) ) {
    			$this->selected_shipping_option = apply_filters( 'wpsc_default_shipping_quote', $this->selected_shipping_option, $this->shipping_quotes );

    @nadworks disagree on the only one option always select approach, only one option being available can be an indicator of improper address entry. In many cases shoppers need to acknowledge that they are incurring this charge, or change the input.

    In any case we have the filter to make the store do what is best for the store.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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