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    Store URL:
    WordPress version: 3.9.1
    WP e-Commerce version: 1.8.6
    Gold Cart version:
    Theme: offline themes (premium theme)

    I did this:
    I turned off all plugins and switched to default theme.
    All products have a weight associated with them.
    All UPS (External Shipping Calculators) info is filled in correctly.

    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this:
    At check out it asks you to select your destination city and click calculate shipping. It should then calculate shipping and add it to the item price.

    Instead it did this:
    Before clicking calculate the price for shipping is 0 and stays at 0 after clicking calculate. If you click purchase it will say “Please select one of the available shipping options, then we can process your order.” but there are no shipping options to choose.

    Its not calculating shipping?

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    I am unfortunately having the exact same issue. Not truly sure when it started, but we first noticed it after removing the “Buy Now” button in favor of “Add To Cart” because it was determined that PayPal shouldn’t be the only payment option.

    Here’s what I’m looking at:

    • Using USPS as the only shipping option with a flat rate of $5
    • Regardless of how many items are in the cart, on press of “calculate” the screen refreshes and shows shipping with $0
    • On press of “Purchase” below the payment types, the screen refreshes and throws the following error – Please select one of the available shipping options, then we can process your order.”

    As mentioned, USPS is the only shipping option and this is not available for the user to modify on the checkout page. If I enable the “Buy Now” button, this is no longer an issue. Our customers have sadly complained about having to use PayPal and that feedback predicated our integration of as a secondary payment method. We’re reverting back to the PayPal button so as to keep from losing sales, but I would love some suggestions on how this can be fixed or if there’s another update to GetShopped coming down the pike where this bug has been addressed.

    Thanks is advance!

    @adsoink if the site is reachable can you share a URL? Most of the time when this happens it is one of two things. The required checkout items are not configured properly in the checkout admin page or there is something in the theme that is conflicting.

    – jeff

    @jimmyk69 looking at your site it seems as though shipping is disabled. Sorry I can’t tell what’s going on when it is turned off.

    @jeff Pye Brook , it is back on now. Can you please look. Im like begging for help. All my ups info and paypal api’s are correct.


    I seem to have gotten it to work now. Only problem is it will not figure ground ups shipping for more than 150 pounds?

    zeros it out if the weight on one item is 150 or the weight combined is over 150, either way.


    @jeff: Thanks for the reply and the URL for the site is

    All of the product variations have been properly set-up and this issue also occurs on a single product with no variations, so I think it’s less an issue of how the products are set-up. For reference and I should have mentioned this earlier, we were working with ePN as a payment gateway before they shut a few months back and didn’t have the PayPal “Buy Now” button enabled. I’m suspicious that the issue we’re seeing is related to a recent update to the framework itself. I nixed the ePN integration about two months ago after discovering they’d gone the way of the dodo, tested with PayPal, and at that point everything was still functioning to expectation.

    As for the idea of a theme conflict, I can replicate the error across all the canned WordPress themes. We are in the process of trying to figure out whether or not we want to re-theme the site as the theme that’s presently being used is no longer maintained. Regardless, this issue wasn’t present until the last update to GetShopped.

    Any and all assistance would be lovely.

    I’m having a similar issue, I get the same “Please select one of the available shipping options, then we can process your order.” but there are no shipping options to choose. I’m less experienced than the above developer, please help!


    In my case it turned out that the client was giving me the wrong information and they did not have a UPS business account set up. You need a business account to ship over 150 lbs.

    If the weight of your cart is over 150 lbs and you do not have a business account with UPS it will mess up at check out time and not allow you to do so. There is a personal account and business account with UPS. You must have the correct account type for this plugin to work properly.

    That’s what happened in my case when i posted this. Hope that may help or anyone having similar issues.

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    @sarah_says_so do you have Shipping enabled and a Shipping service selected ?
    Make sure your theme is not “hiding” the shipping calculator on the checkout page
    A URL would be helpful 🙂

    @mihai, thanks for your response! 🙂 is the URL.
    I did find that the theme was hiding the Calculate button, but I thought the whole idea was that it was automatically calculating shipping based on where they lived, so they shouldn’t have to click “Calculate.” In addition, the Tax field is showing up as $0.00 — any idea why that would happen? Thanks!

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    Could be something with the theme you are using or maybe some outdated WPEC theme files in your theme folder.
    Please post a courtesy support issue here.

    Hello Guys, new here, sorry if this is not in the correct place.

    I also have this or a very similar problem; all details into checkout and when PURCHASE is clicked it returns the message “Please sellect one of the available shipping options, then we can process your order”. But only on export sales. Local sales were OK as I have 2 options for North and South Islands (NZ).

    As far as I can tell, it had just started doing this. 2 orders came through fine, then a update to WP-eCommerce and shortly after a customer pointed out the problem.

    It was setup to use flat-rate and free-shipping over $75. Paypal and manual (test-gateway) payment options. Was working fine over teh past months.

    Disabling free-shipping and flat-rate and using table-based is at least usable.

    I did have the wpsc-simple-shipping plugin enabled, but is now disabled; will test again in a couple of days back on flat-rate and free-shipping.

    Site is latest wordpress version and plugins, Suffusion theme.

    Any help appreciated or maybe this info will help someone else.

    I am having the same problem described above, “Please select one of the available shipping options, then we can process your order.” However, we only use flat rate ($3.99) shipping and only ship to USA. Also, the $3.99 never shows up on our Checkout webpage.

    WP 4.0.1 and ecommerce 3.9.1. Theme is 2012. Previously, we used 2010 and I switched back it and did a “Flush Theme Cache” but no improvement. I’ve tried deactivating my plugins, one at a time, and checking for improvement each time one was disabled, with no result.

    At this point, I’ve become what Einstein described as an idiot, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
    Site is:

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    @glcox you have no shipping calculator on the checkout page and that must be present if you use Shipping.
    Also it looks to me that your checkout page theme file for WP eCommerce is outdate since clicking the Shipping same as billing does not fire a required ajax request.

    Try renaming the file wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php from within your active theme directory.

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