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  • I’ve had the shop setup and working with PayPal. All is working – local and international purchases with tax, shipping, quantity being calculated and paid through paypal.

    Our shipping is being limited to 2 countries and we have 2 shipping methods (economy and priority). So at checkout when filling out the address form it allows to pick either type and then shipping cost is applied based on destination country.

    Our shipping looks like this

    Economy  - $3.50 USA, $8 Canada
    Priority - $5.90 USA, $13 Canada

    Today in the middle of the night we get an international order for a single item from our store but the shipping is not applied!

    Item price: 37.00
    Shipping costs (Economy - $3.50 USA, $8 Canada): 0.00
    Total: 37.00

    I’ve gone and verified all settings – everything looked good.
    This is the first time this happened and we are not sure how that was possible.

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    When you say international order, what do you mean? Do you mean you’ve got a country there which isn’t Canada or the US?

    no, the buyer did select Canada, which is configured as Zone 2 and has the rate of $8 for economy shipment, but the $8 were not added to the order.

    I only have 2 zones – US (Zone 1) and Canada (Zone 2).

    Normally – you can’t buy from our store and NOT pay shipping, but one buyer was able to bypass it somehow.

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    Well I’ve tried, but I haven’t managed to reproduce it unfortunately. I tried setting up my test site the same and no matter what I try it seems to work fine.

    Not sure what to suggest at this point…

    I’ll keep an on this, but this is a concern as we would normally ship after successful payment and only noticed this issue by luck. Is there any kind of logging that can be looked through?

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    All the info on the order is available on the Orders page (including the shipping calculation). I’d suggest reviewing that before shipping.

    I’m considering adding a piece of code that will basically fail the order if the shipping is calculated as 0 — this would be configurable, of course. While it won’t fix the underlying problem, hopefully it would stop an order from going through unless shipping was calculated. Will look at it for a future release.

    That would be highly appreciated.

    Right now we are reviewing all orders prior to shipping to make sure we don’t ship anything that didn’t have shipping charges added.

    And in sales reports we have DELETED PRODUCT showing up for some reason. Any way to remove those entries?

    Also a little bit of input for future versions if at all possible:

    0 – Ability to select individual states in USA (since USA right now includes military bases, territories, etc). And shippign to those destinations is a lot more expensive sometimes.

    1 – ability to search orders by country/state (this is to make it possible to collect orders that had tax applied so we can pay tax to the government). Right now searching for a particular state in the mailing address shows 0 results (if we search for CA=California) only Canadian orders show up).

    2 – Ability to send an e-mail to the buyer when updating orders (Send Stock = Send e-mail with tracking info)

    3 – field for tracking information ( i know I can use free text, but a field would be very handy)

    4 – Shipping charges shown to be applicable only do the destination (if someone from another country buys – so that they don’t even see shipping methods in selection that are not applicable to them). I guess what I’m suggesting is to change shipping structure from “Shipping type” to “Zone” base. Right now for every shipping method you get every zone as an option. It would be better to have “ZONE” as the main category and only fill in prices to create new shipping methods.

    5 – In tax module – ability to pull all orders where tax was paid and see the total amount of taxes collected (this is a big WANT even though it is at the end of the list).

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    Will keep those in mind…

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    PS. No there isn’t any way to remove the DELETED PRODUCTS references at the moment. Those are posts (products) which have been removed but there are sales during the specified period.

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