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  • Here is my site:

    Basically, the shipping cost for a collar comes out to $12, so the $10 s&h fee plus the $2 item charge. If someone orders a collar and a leash, then shipping will be $14 (s&h plus two items). For some reason, I can’t figure out how to set that up.

    Flat rate $10

    per item…

    in America: $2.00
    North America: $12.00
    Worldwide: $15

    We also need to set up tax rate at 9% for all CA orders, that stumped me as well. Can anyone help me out with this?

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    Shipping is complicated in all e-commerce plugins in my experience!

    Have you already set the flat rate to be $10? If you edit teh Flat rate, you can set it to be $10 and then underneath an a per item charge of $2 in the Additional Costs. Make sure you select it only for Allowed Countries or select the actual countries you only want that for.

    You can’t have a flat rate for international orders too by default, as far as I can tell. You might need the Table Rate shipping extension to be able to do more variations of shipping.

    Tax rate is more straight forward. If you set the Base Location to United States – California (under the General tab of settings) then under the Tax tab enable Tax and select Enter prices exclusive of tax, Then under the Standard link define a tax rate for CA.
    This should then automatically add that tax irate if the shipping address is set to California.

    as for the tax rates i have to do that as well but even more complicated like for every county in fl that has a different surtax rate!

    Anyway I have found that if you go to Woocommerce, settings, click on the Tax tab and there is a link line right underneath all the tabs that should say “Tax Options |Tax Rates:


    click on standard and you can then define what rules you want so for you I would put CA in the state field and then whatever tax rate in that field and then I am assuming when the customers put in their address, make state a required field, it will add the tax for CA. I haven’t tried it yet but this seems the logical place to do that.

    Hello all,

    this thread seems a bit old, and hopefully there are still people looking at this.

    I just set up my woocommerce online store, haven’t really gone live yet though.

    My intention is to have free shipping for shoppers if they meet the minimum order amount. Is there anyway I can achieve this?

    Best Regards.

    I have this setup in my ecommerce store for when people order less than $10 there is shipping flat rate price and when their order is over $10 it is free.

    Go into Woocommerce, Settings and click on the Shipping tab, “enable shipping” then scroll down to Shipping Methods and set your default shipping to “free shipping” then click on “settings” to the right of that and there you can set your minimum order amount.

    Then back up in the breadcrumbs menu click on “flat rate” and enable that method as well. Scroll down to “cost per order” and put in the amount you would like to charge for shipping if they don’t meet your minimum order.

    Just make sure that your default is free shipping and for your “shipping display mode” choose “Display shipping methods in a dropdown” instead of radio buttons that way it looks less confusing to people like they don’t have a choice; radio buttons look like they have a choice.

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