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    sure it’s possible with WBS.

    You have to setup two configurations with the following parameters:
    1. Handling Fee 20, Shipping Rate 0, Min Weight 0, Max Weight 31.5
    2. Handling Fee 40, Shipping Rate 0, Min Weight 31.51, Max Weight No(empty).

    Plugin Author Dan


    Or, if you need to handle every 31.5kg of weight with additional cost then you may have a single configuration: Handling Fee 0, Shipping Rate 20, Weight Step 31.5, Min Weight 0, Max Weight No(empty).

    Does that works for you?


    If I set Handling Fee 0, Shipping Rate 20, Weight Step 31.5, Min Weight 0, Max Weight No(empty).

    then it counts every 1kg * 20 so my shipping price is hillarious 😉

    I did like you said in first answer, but I need to make 20 shipping options, so it’s kinda boring 😉

    Becouse customers may buy products with for example 1000 kg , so I need to set up each possible way one by one.

    I wish it would just count every 0-31.5 as 20 euro , but as I can see in setting info within Shipping Rate the price is for every 1 kg. Hm, maybe I can modify a source code a little so the shipping would be for every 31.5 instead of 1 ? Where Can I find that 😉 ?

    Plugin Author Dan


    Oh, excuse me. It actually should be 20 / 31.5 = 0.63. That way every 31.5 kg adds €20 to shipping cost.

    Does that make sense?

    What I want to set up is weight based shipping (U.S.) that adds the box weight, i.e. 15 oz. to the order up front and then adds the actual ounce weight of each item to the total. Right now I’ve set things up where I just charge a fixed amount per ounce.
    The problem with that is if someone buys two or three items it sets the shipping cost too high since in order to cover the cost of shipping one item I set the item weight higher than its actual weight.

    Here’s an example. Item #1 weighs 1 ounce (real weight) and when I set the per ounce shipping cost to $0.45 it will return a shipping cost of $.45 which is about $5.00 less than it costs me to ship. But if I set the item weight to 12 ounces the shipping comes in at $5.40 which is close to my actual shipping cost.
    If the customer orders 3 of item #1 the actual total weight is 3 ounces plus the box weight which may only be 6 ounces and my shipping cost will still be around $5.50, but now the customer sees $16.20.

    Not at all what I want.
    I’m sure this question has been answered about a zillion times, but I’m not sure how to find the answer her in the forum.

    The site is in the development stage so there is not active link available.

    Okay, I tried this and it looks like it will work. I set the base handling rate to $4.50 and the per ounce rate to $.50 and then set my item weights to their approximate real weights. Now when I calculate shipping it comes in a reasonable amount and when I add more than one of an item the shipping goes up, but not dramatically. I will continue to play with various handling fees and per ounce shipping until I get it fine tuned.

    I just got your plugin installed by 3rd Person.
    I’m now testing the shipping fees but I dont get wanted result.

    for example I have:

    from 0 kg to 2 kg fees 7.-
    from 2.01 to 5 kg fees 9.-
    from 5.01 to 10 kg fees 10.-
    from 1.01 to 20 kg fees 15.-
    form 20.01 to 30 kg fees 22.-

    How can I Setup to get correct calculation ?

    Thank you for a prompt reply

    Plugin Author Dan



    Create 5 configurations with Min Weight, Max Weight and Handling Fee fields filled in. There are also a plenty of topics here discussing different setups including ones similar to what you described.


    thanks to reply. I did search for other solutions and try some configurations find here. But it still not working properly. I mean the system is calculating also between values which actually I do not want. To me is enough the price for each weight range, like CHF 7 till 2 kg, CHF 9 till 5 kg and so on.

    If I order (by test) a big quantity the system do not have a limitation which actually I would stop by max 30kg which probably I will never send such a big package because I don’t have so big.

    Any further suggestion ?
    Is it possible to fix fees only for the given weight categories ?

    Thanks for a further help.

    Plugin Author Dan


    I find out what’s wrong here I need to know more details. Could you please provide your shipping configuration, cart weight you used for testing, what shipping price you’ve got and what you expected to get?

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