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    Hello, I have spent days learning and setting up this shopping cart to hopefully work for my website, but I see that a big catch is that even though I have set it up for digital products only (no shipping address from customers required), this doesn’t matter because once the customer reaches the PayPal checkout page, they are still required give a shipping address which is both frustrating and confusing for a digital product purchase. There has to be a way around this how do I changed this? I thought I was all setup and ready to go, but now at the tail end I discover this. I can’t operate like this. I hope someone responds with a solution soon.

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    I’m Alex Flint from Ecwid Customer Care Team. Sorry to hear you’ve faced the issue. I’m here to help you.

    There are two possible reasons, why PayPal may require your customers to input their shipping address: you products may require shipping in Ecwid or PayPal may overwrite the shipping settings that Ecwid sends to it with its own ones. I will explain them below.

    PayPal may ask your customers’ address because some of your products may require shipping, if there is a “This Product Requires Shipping or Pickup” setting enabled on some of your products. Since you’re selling digital goods, you should disable this option for all your products. You can check whether your products require shipping in Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products → Your Product → Tax & Shipping (screenshot). This is an important thing to do, because, even if you haven’t set any shipping method in Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Shipping & Pickup, and Ecwid skips the shipping step when you customers proceed to checkout, the info, that a product requires shipping is being passed to PayPal. When PayPal sees, that a product requires shipping, it shows the shipping address form.

    By the way, you can update this option in all of your products at once with the help of a Bulk Product Editor application. This application allows you to edit your products in bulk.

    Also, you can disable the shipping requirement in all of your products by means of Product Import. This option is based on the property that when the importing tool sees the SKU that already exists in your store, it updates current information of the product with this SKU with imported one. If you choose this option, follow these steps:

    1. Export the Products to a CSV file in Catalog → Products → Export. You can use search filters to find the products that need to be updated. Click “Export All Found” or “Export All” depending on whether you want to edit all your products or only some of them. Choose only SKU and Weight columns for export.
    2. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor (e.g. OpenOffice Calc, Google Docs) and leave the “weight” columns empty. That will make Ecwid think, that the products don’t require shipping.
    3. Import the CSV file back to Ecwid in Catalog → Products → Import Products. Please, note, that when importing your CSS file, the columns in import settings should be in the same order as in your CSV file. Here is the example for this case — screenshot.

    Once you’ve imported the CSV file, the “This Product Requires Shipping or Pickup” option will be disabled in all the products that were in the CSV file.

    As for overwriting the Ecwid shipping methods with Paypal ones, PayPal may require your customers to input their shipping addresses if the shipping methods, that set up in PayPal backend overwrite the ones that are set up in your Ecwid account. Please, check whether you have any shipping methods in your PayPal account in Profile → My selling tools → Shipping Calculations. If there are any, you should set up that your Ecwid shipping options aren’t being overwritten with PayPal ones:

    1. In your PayPal account open Profile → My selling tools → Shipping Calculations and click “Update”.
    2. Select the checkbox next to the shipping method for a specific currency. Click the “Edit” button.
    3. Make sure the “Use the shipping fee in the transaction instead of my calculator’s settings” is set to Yes.
    4. Click the “Save Changes” button.
    5. Repeat these steps for each shipping method set in your PayPal account.

    If the problem still occurs, please, contact PayPal Support and ask them, how can you disable showing the shipping address form on the checkout page. You can CC if they ask you for some details from our end. If any questions on the needed editings in Ecwid will appear — please, make us know and we’ll help you.

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