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  • I have purchased the ShiftThis newsletter plugin for a client, and have spent a year trying to get it to work. The program always performs well with test addresses, but has never ONCE failed to get stuck in the middle of sending to my actual mailing list. I have written to the developer, requesting support, at least half a dozen times. I have gotten only one response to the tune of “um, it should be working”, and no answer at all since I have started sending him logs and screenshots. This is extremely unprofessional behavior. I strongly recommend that you do NOT spend money on any of his products – they do not work, and he will not provide support.

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  • i also have had the same problem. i bought one and it worked great. when i went back to buy it for a different client, crap hit the fan. i bought the new license and never got a key. try several time and his site dose not work and all the links are messed up you have to guess to get anywhere on his site.

    dose any one know a better way (different plug-in) or dose any one want to set up a team to creat a new one that really works.

    Anyone know where Marcus (of is these days? I cannot get any answers and frankly, the plugin isn’t working as expected when it comes to unsubscribe functions.

    I’m using the latest version (for php5) and WordPress 2.5.1, should Marcus care to respond. I’ve left many a message on his site and though there are links to a forum, it only goes to an error page.

    I don’t want to be a whiner, really. But this is a COMMERCIAL plugin and it seems like there ought to be some sort of recourse, if only to shame this person into refunding the purchase price to everyone who bought the plugin… nevermind the work one has put into trying to make it work as advertised.

    re the shiftthis newsletter.

    > I have bought it, twice. I lost my password, but marcus vanstone never got back to me with a new one, but his ecommerce system works.
    > It’s buggy with respect to the subscribe/unsubscribe function.
    > if you go to the shiftthis site you can note that marcus has said he has removed his contact form! ha! he want you to use the support forum, which seem to work.
    > others also have viewing problems with sent newsletters.
    > he’s still getting paid.
    > can you folks recommend another plug-in? shiftthis has potential but why support such an operation?

    I’ve sent emails to Marcus since the smoke tests work but not the confirmation emails. I will join the others in warning you not to give your money to Shiftthis because that is all you will be doing, giving your money away with nothing to show for it.

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