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  • Hey all,
    I’m completely new to both the world of dealing with blogs and dealing with running a site. So it’s been a hell of a learning curve for me dealing with uploading via ftp, messing with code etc etc. So please forgive me if this query seems amateur in nature. Now on to my issue.

    I recently grabbed a basic theme using the theme generator ( once I had used their basic tools to strip the design back to what I wanted I then uploaded the zip provided onto my server and then started to strip back and tweak the code, I started to do such things as strip back comments, remove links, tweak padding size between buttons etc. as I want to use my site more as a portfolio with no need for comments. It was while doing this and checking my site constantly that I noted that the whole design had now started to shift on every second link. I went back and repasted the original code for the page I was working on back into the theme editing panel (I believe I was working on the sidebar when it first occured) and re-saved. Went back and checked only to find the problem still there.

    Since then I’ve been pulling my hair out as I have done everything. Now I’ve gone so far as to go back and download a whole version of the original generated theme and upload it. For some reason it is now affecting them too! I’m confused as the issue never occured before and I have no idea how to fix it or where to look.

    Here is a link to my blog so you can see the issue in action you not if you click on contact from home it will shift right about 5-8 pixels

    I have also uploaded the theme package that is currently up there on the site for anyone to look at as I know there are some very code savvy people here that can probably work out whats going on here in a glance, the link to grab it is here

    Anyhelp any one can give this complete novice would be so great as up until now I’ve been enjoying my firt foray into having a web pressence.

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  • Never use images that are wider than your content area – it will always screw up your layout.

    Look at this:
    And from your toolbar select Edit and “Select all” – you will see the image has HUGE white areas… totally unecessary. Resize it before uploading!

    Ah I see, I believed the image area of this image in question was 650 and I thought I set my blogs page width at 650 but my image area must be smaller I’ll have to check. Your totally right though the amount of ‘space’ in that image was ridiculous!.. I’ve removed that image from the post and the shifting is gone… Until I add another image. the current test image is 320px wide and certainly shouldn’t be causing havoc, yet it does. Any ideas?

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