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  • Works well. Haven’t had any problems in the six months we’ve used it, but being a site administrator with minimal technical knowledge, I’d like to be able to access a guide to the basics of what to check for and how often, and email notifications whenever the status changes, especially on important matters. Also, it would be helpful to have some info about what security activities Shield may have prevented in any given period. Or, am I just not seeing where these things are provided?

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  • Plugin Author Paul


    Hi, thanks for leaving the review. Hopefully with a bit of guidance we can push this up to a 5* review? 🙂

    One of the guiding principles of Shield is this:
    “If the security system can handle a threat or incident automatically without interrupting the user or requiring user intervention, it should do so.”

    We’ve taken an alternative approach to the more popular plugins that opt to send email alerts for just about everything. Instead, Shield operates in the background and it logs all activity to the audit trail. Anything that happens, any threats, any actions, any security mitigations are all logged in the Audit Trail. This means that if you’d like to investigate an incident, you’ll find the details in there.

    You’re busy and we’re busy, so the last thing either of us need are constant email alerts when the threat has already been and gone, and been successfully mitigated.

    There are a few cases where alerts & reports will be sent out, usually in the case of File Scan results. There are times when Shield can’t or wont try to repair something if it’s “unsure”, and so it’ll hand that over to the administrator.

    So it probably “feels” like Shield isn’t active, but if you review the audit trail and the traffic log, you’ll see it’s constantly working away for you.

    We also have a “Getting Started” guide for Shield:
    and we’re even working on self-directed learning course for Shield too – this is in the works.

    If you ever have any queries about certain options or features, you can access the helpdesk directly from inside the plugin for each option, or browse our knowledgebase here:

    I’m glad you feel it works well and hopefully my explanations here will help you feel more confident that Shield is doing what it needs to do. And if you look out for v12.0 next week, we’ll have a brand new Audit Trail system too 🙂


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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