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  • Resolved Michael


    I had had an issue where shield would tell me it had updated theme Parabola (from to 2.4.9. However, it would do this about once every 6 hours, so obviously it wasn’t updating it. I went in through ssh, and used wp theme update –all, and what do you know, the theme needing to be updated wasn’t even Parabola, but was Harmony (from Elegant Themes). It was updating to 2.4.9 however. Any thoughts to why this would happen?

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  • Plugin Author Paul


    So Shield itself isn’t doing the updating, it’s tapping into the Automatic Updates system that WordPress is already running. If the updates system performs an update, then it’ll pull out that update information, read it, and send you an email about it.

    It doesn’t DO the update, it just looks at the update information WordPress gathers.

    I can only surmise that somewhere along the way the update itself is getting messed up a little. There was an issue on the SVN repo about 2-3 weeks ago that messed up the updates for a number of plugins and it perhaps is relating to this? I don’t honestly know.

    There could well be an issue with how we’re pulling in the update information, and I’ll run a couple of tests on that, but to clean out, it might be an idea to remove unused themes from your site, and reinstall them if you need. Refresh it a little.

    What’s more, the Elegant Themes is a “premium” theme and it might have a custom update module in there that is slightly wonky. Worth raising with them to see if they had any update issues recently.

    Shield just reports on the updates attempted, but doesn’t do them. Don’t shoot the messenger and all that 😉

    Hope that helps.

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