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  • Anyone want to be a maintainer of the Shibboleth plugin? If you don’t even know what it does, it is an authentication tool that can allow for single-sign in.

    This plugin worked great up to its last commit, around WP 3.0.5. I’m noticing at least two issues with it now at 3.3.1.

    1. Every user sees the system-wide shibboleth settings in the Tools menu of wp-admin. This should only be seen by the admin users. (Some of the other plugins that were previously admin-only are also now exposed to every user.)

    2. The Show Users screen for a blog shows the correct number of users that have access to the blog, but it doesn’t list their accounts.

    Please don’t tell me “You fix it!”, I’m trying. I’m not a WP developer, so i’m learning my way around the APIs and thought I’d just put this out there in case anyone wanted to help or even point me in the right direction for the hooks that might fix the two issues above.

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  • You fix it! 😉 Just kidding… I am not a WP developer nor do we use the Shibboleth plugin, but I can help with #1.

    I am looking at the code. Where should the ‘Shibboleth Options’ link be displayed? I would probably put it under Network Admin->Settings->Shibboleth

    These are the changes I would do in options-admin.php
    1) comment out line #4 to remove from the Tools section:

    //add_action('admin_menu', 'shibboleth_admin_panels');

    2) Add Network Admin->Settings->Shibboleth link by adding this function and action hook:

    function shibboleth_network() {
            $hookname = add_submenu_page('settings.php', __('Shibboleth Options', 'shibboleth'),
                    __('Shibboleth', 'shibboleth'), 8, 'shibboleth-options', 'shibboleth_options_page' );
    add_action( 'network_admin_menu', 'shibboleth_network' );

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