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  • I’ve tried posting this in the BuddyPress forums, but my posts seem to just get sucked into a black hole or something.

    I’m just curious as to whether or not anyone has gotten the Shibboleth plug-in ( and BuddyPress to work together.

    Here’s the deal. I’m using:

    WordPress 2.8.6
    BuddyPress 1.1.3
    Shibboleth plug-in 1.3

    When either plug in is enabled apart from the other, they will work as expected.

    When both plug-ins are enabled simultaneously, a new user will be created/maintained in WordPress Mu from the attributes in the Shibboleth headers, but the user will never be logged in.

    I imagine this might have something to do with both plug-ins doing something to override the standard wordpress login, but I can’t see what.

    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? I’d appreciate anything. I’ve been working on this idea to use BuddyPress as a way to create online research/academic communities at Ohio State University.

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  • Bump. Similar interest for Bates College discovery project.

    I talked with the creator of the shibboleth module some time ago and it turned out that this was caused by a bug in BuddyPress that has since been fixed.

    Try using the latest version of BuddyPress (1.2.x, I think) and see if it works.

    It’s been working for me, except that now I’ve run into the issue that the new version of BuddyPress does not support LDAP-style usernames (i.e. with ‘@’ symbols) properly and that looks as if that’s not a bug they’ll fix until BuddyPress 1.3 according to the ticket I filed:

    Also, even when that gets fixed, the final bit would be to extend the Shibboleth plugin to test for BuddyPress and alter the login forms to be more Shibboleth friendly…

    …so, unfortunately, a solution to this will be long in coming. The only thing that I think might hasten the process is to amend the shibboleth module so that usernames could be formed without the ‘@’ symbol (perhaps leveraging wordpress’s “user_nicename” column, I’m not sure).

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