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    Hello. When you add option to shedule scan? It is very need

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    by so wat, how delete files from carantin? it many files there

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    I have been steadily working towards a scheduled scan feature but this has proved more difficult to implement than I had thought and I will need more time to work transform the scan engine so that it can run without a browser console. Also, a lot of thing in my life have changed so I have not had as much free time lately to work on new features. Life happens ;-/

    Yes, you can delete the records in your Anti-Malware Quarantine, but these are just records of the infections and they are not dangerous to keep. It can also sometime prove to be very helpful to have these records to refer to if you need to track down the source of any recurring infections.

    To delete all quarantine records just check the box next to “Check all Items in Quarantine”, then click the red Delete button, then you can click the link to Purge the deleted records if you are sure that you want to completely erase all the records of these infected files.

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    Life happens ;-/

    yes, its true ))

    God bless you and good luck

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