Sharing WPSC product images between 2 differing WP sites on separate sub dirs.? (1 post)

  1. G-Olly
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi that's basically it. I want to use the same wpsc product pics "main and thumbnails" on two separate sub directory WordPress installs with differing domain names. These are not a multisite installs.

    Background: I have one site set up already on a sub dir. mysite.co.uk - This site has wpsc installed and contains all the product pics for all my products. I then want to set up a different site myintersite.com and use the same pics so that I don't have to upload them all twice, etc. and save time and space on the server. Can this be done? If so what steps should I take? Could I also then choose which thumbnail etc. to show for specific products in the new site using the old images from the last site?

    Many thanks, Olly

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