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  1. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    I can really use some help here....
    I wanna share the userbase of a site with other sites.
    The idea is that a user has a main useraccount on aaa.com. There they update the profile, password and there I will add additional stuff like credits and maybe even paid subscriptions.
    Then I want other sites to use the data of that userbase. For example on shopbbb.com users can login with their account of aaa.com and pay stuff with credits from their aaa.com account.
    This is a few steps ahead... For now i'm looking for a way to get users that are logged into aaa.com to login to bbb.com with their aaa.com account.
    It's a bit like the janrain feature where you can login to different sites using your google, yahoo, twitter or some other accounts.
    My idea is that people can also login using their aaa.com account.
    How can I set this up?

    I have been searching for 'openID provider' and 'OAuth SSO' but couldn't find anything that looks right (or am I not looking correct?).
    I really, really appreciate some help....
    Thank's in advance!

  2. That's how MultiSite works when you map domains.

    Everyone signs up at aaa.com - they now have SUBSCRIBER access to all sites on the network, from bbb.com to zzz.com, though you can give them more.

  3. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hy Ipstenu,

    Thank's. I'm using multisites indeed.
    Sorry for not being a bit more clear.

    The issue is that I also want/need this function across domains/sites outside of the network.
    So for example bbb.com is outside of the network (database) of aaa.com.

    That makes it a bit more difficult I guess??

  4. The issue is that I also want/need this function across domains/sites outside of the network.

    No can do out of the box.

    Unless the other sites have a pluggable API you can hook into, you kinda can't.

    There ARE Twitter and Facebook connect plugins (see http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-twitter-connect/ for example), but it's going to be special for each site.

  5. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Yep, this is where I am as well....
    It's just strange to me that both my networks are WordPress networks.... so both of them 'should have' the pluggable API the other one can hook into.

    Is it that hard to create a 'sign in with aaa.com' button (a lot like the 'sign in with twitter' on http://s.wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-twitter-connect/screenshot-1.png?r=418249 )?
    I mean... it's both wordpress....?!

  6. They're separate networks, though. If you'd made 'em all on one WordPress network, you'd be done. There ARE ways to share user data between separate WP installs, but they involve plugins. It's just the long way to go about it.

    Why not merge the networks?

  7. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Not all networks are managed by the same administrator....
    Any hints on the plugins I could use?

  8. You'd have to google, though if the networks are separate, I'd be inclined to keep them that way for security.

  9. krashnik
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm doing the same and running into roadblocks. The Networks + plugin is one way to do this. The other is the Multi Networks plugin.

    You'll essentially have to reload your data into the other server and run it as a sub-install.

  10. Multi network plugins will let you do this, yes. but they still live on the same server.

    Really, to simplify your questions, you're kinda asking "why can't these two separate WP installs talk to each other?"

    and if they aren't on the same server nor in the same db, then we have a massive security hole (if you were able to hook them up).

  11. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks for your help!
    Not really looking for a security hole.... (not for now at least :))
    Just wanna 'replace' Google, twitter, yahoo and so.
    I can also get my profile picture from these providers (after being loged in).
    Same idea goes for aaa.com. After the user has logged in site bbb.com can get the profile picture of the user in the aaa.com database. Just like bbb.com can get the userprofile of a Google, twitter or whatever openID provider logged in user.
    Lots of plugins let me get the profile picture of a Google users, just can't find a plugin that lets me get the profile picture of another wordpress site user....
    Shouldn't be that hard you think?!

  12. 1) WordPress avatars generally use Gravatar. No need for cross-profile grabbing.

    2) You'd want something like this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/shared-users/ But maybe not. They're SEPARATE networks, which means you have to be very careful what permissions you give each user.

  13. just can't find a plugin that lets me get the profile picture of another wordpress site user....

    because gravatar does it for you... no need for a plugin.

  14. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanx very much for the help.
    Still not getting my focus. Sorry for the bad English.
    The profile picture was an example.
    In the end I want to get to get different kind of data (reputation point for example) stored in aaa.com.
    In other words: I want aaa.com to act like gravatar/google/twitter/....

    I kind of get the idea this is not possible.
    Thank's a lot for your help though.

  15. only if aaa.com and bbb.com are on the same server in the same db.

  16. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Gravatar is not on the same server either...

  17. The difference here is that Gravatar, Google and Twitter (and Facebook) were built to share login credentials across multiple apps, and there's an API built in for it.

    WordPress was not.

  18. berlotti
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I understand.
    But there used to be a plugin that made a wordpress blog an openID identity server : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/openid/
    The feature is also in wordpress.com.
    Why is this plugin not compatible anymore with the latest wordpress version?
    Has something fundamentally changed?

  19. You're asking different things here :)

    The OpenID plugin MAY still work. It's just not been updated, probably because OpenID was a nice idea that sucked when implementing it. I tried in the 2.8 days to make it work. Wasn't worth it AND it's not very user friendly. Also remember that the 'works up to ...' part of any plugin means 'This is the last one I tested it on.' It also means it MIGHT work on 3.2. You'll have to test (though given that the login has changed, this may no longer work - and to your 'has something fundamentally changed' question, yeah, it's been a couple years).

    However take a look at the line that says "The plugin also includes an OpenID provider..."

    That means you have to actually install OpenID software on your server, configure it, and make it work. And because that is a very server specific thing to do, it cannot at this time be included in WordPress. Too many different possibilities.

    WordPress.com has it because they installed it, configured it, and tweaked it. That they haven't released the plugin for that, well ... there's been talk about Highlander (the code that lets you hook your .com account in with Facebook and Twitter) joining Jetpack, but that hasn't happened yet.

  20. vbk100
    Posted 5 years ago #

    berlotti and Ipstenu ,

    I am able to use Openid plugin on 3.2 and later versions with out any issue. I love it to use as Openid Provider and using successfully .


    As I got the chance to ask some features which wordpress.com has, I have some doubts and the features which I am looking to have them for self-hosted sites. Can I ask them here or you suggest me to open a new topic

    Thank you!

  21. Beats me which features .com has :) I don't use it. You'd have to check out their support docs and see.

  22. the features which I am looking to have them for self-hosted sites. Can I ask them here or you suggest me to open a new topic

    open a new topic tho, and I can point to most of them.

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