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  • Hi again.

    When sharing to facebook from the image (for example,, open some gallery, click on some image, click share, select facebook) – you see the facebook does not pick up the image one wants to share, but the cover image instead. there should be og:image tag with the correct image for facebook to pick up ..

    should not be very hard to implement, especially for someone who knows the inner workings …

    but then there will be another problem, of course, as currently the gallery url (ala includes only ‘relative’ id of the image – ie when images in gallery are reordered or some are added/removed, the url will point to wrong image .. isn’t it possible to use some more-permanent id’s in the url?

    Of course, could be that I just missed something which is there already, though …


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  • Hey there Kaido,
    The images in the galleries probably won’t have unique IDs any time soon, because it’s just not a popular feature request. Sorry about that.

    As for sharable images – Facebook still isn’t able to figure out which image was shared. I’ll see what I can do about that in a future update, but I can’t make any promises at the moment on when that would be.

    Hi there @colormelon

    What about the possibility to share a single image of a portfolio gallery?


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    Plugin Author justnorris


    It’s not possible at the moment.

    How do you imagine it would function? A link would be shared to Facebook that would open just a single image on your website? What if the user wants to see the rest of a gallery?

    My main question is this – How would sharing a single image on Facebook be better than sharing an image in a gallery on Facebook?

    I can start thinking of implementing such functionality only if I’m sure it’s going to be really useful for many people, so – I need a real scenario of how this would be useful – and probably more requests for the feature too.

    I understand what You’re thinking about.
    This request comes from a client of mine, actually.
    If someone find a picture, belonging to a gallery, that he really likes, the plugin should allow him to share that single picture on Facebook.
    I really don’t know if it’s a better idea than sharing the whole gallery… but I believe that this should be a common request from my clients.

    Plugin Author justnorris


    Is your client a photographer?

    More or less. Let’s say a photo enthusiast. But yes, the site is about photography.

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