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  • Hello, I have this annoying problem. When I share the link of my post on Facebook and an aggregator site, the post is showing the wrong thumbnail and summary. It always show the previous post instead.

    I thought this was caused by Recommended For You plugin since the summary show “recommended for you” in the first sentence but when I turned it off the problem is still there. As for the thumbnail I use Facebook thumbnail fixer. Now the problem is the summary text for the post.

    How can I fix this? Thank you in advance. My site is Please help me here.

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  • In the past I have encountered similar situation. And have been able to save the facebook post as a draft. Then edit the draft and change the photo to the correct one.

    It’s not really a WordPress question, Facebook does whatever they want with their user interface and API.

    So you’re saying there’s no way to fix this? I mean this would irritating my readers when they share the post. Please help

    I wish I could help more. It’s really two different things,

    1) you share a link directly while logged into your facebook.

    2) a viewer of your site shares a post via some share button.

    You have to ask facebook. Or the author of thumbnail fixer.

    Or the author of your share button plugin if that’s what you are using.

    Or the author of your theme if the sharing buttons are built in to your theme.

    Good luck

    EDIT: thanks to @accuwebhosting


    Facebook uses Open Graph (og) tags, and many WordPress plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast automatically adds them to your site to prevent missing thumbnail issue.

    There are many reasons that can prevent Facebook from correctly guessing the right thumbnail image. One of the most common reason is having multiple images set in the og:image tag where your featured image is smaller than rest of the images.

    Among other causes are caching plugins, CDN issues, missing open graph meta tag for the thumbnail image. etc. It is really hard to guess what’s causing the issue because there are no specific error messages displayed when using the debugging tool.

    You can try following suggestions to fix the incorrect facebook thumbnail issue:

    Manually Uploading your Thumbnail Image

    If you are sharing an article on your Facebook page, and it does not pick up the correct thumbnail, then you can click on the upload link to upload the image you want to use.

    Explicitly Tell Facebook To Use Thumbnail of Your Choice

    If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, then you can easily set a specific thumbnail image for Facebook.

    When writing a post, scroll down to WordPress SEO meta box below the post editor and then click on the social tab. There you will see a button to upload a thumbnail image for Facebook.

    Simply add your Facebook Thumbnail image there, and this will fix the issue in most cases. However if it continues to show the incorrect thumbnail, then you may have to reset the Facebook cache.

    Use WordPress plugin Facebook Like Thumbnail

    You can use Facebook Like plugin that specifies which thumbnail to use for links liked/shared on Facebook.


    I was using SEO Yoast but the problem seems not resolved. In fact, I suspect, the problem started to appear when I installed Yoast.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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