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    Last two years I am using this plugin and still its working good but now sharing to Facebook not working in my all sites. Whenever I connect it to Facebook that time it works after that is doesn’t posting to Facebook.

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    What is the URL of the site with the problem?

    I can confirm that. Facebook sharing is not working for me anymore. URL? One of the sites: https://www.design4u.org/
    Thanks in advance!

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    @voing, please don’t post into threads created by other people. It’s much easier to help you if you create your own thread.

    When you say Facebook sharing, what exactly are you referring to? To using a Facebook sharing button, or automated sharing of new blog posts via Publicize?

    Looking at your most recent post, https://www.design4u.org/suchmaschinenoptimierung/suchmaschinenoptimierung-russland-ihk-vortrag/, I don’t see any Jetpack sharing buttons. The Facebook sharing buttons on that post come from the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin, not from Jetpack, so we cannot help with those. You don’t even have Jetpack sharing buttons enabled on that site.

    And it looks like the last blog post you published on that site was in April, so there’s also nothing recent on your site that would have been shared via Publicize.

    Hello @kokkieh,
    Thank you very much for your response! Sorry, I just googled to solve the problem and found the thread here. It’s still pretty “fresh”, so i decided to ask here..
    My problem relates to automatic sharing when publishing an article, page, or post_type. (You know, available for Twitter, FB, Linkedin, and Tumblr). Screenshot: https://ibb.co/XpnvcPS
    I’ve always done that for the post_type “SEO News” and it always worked. But not anymore, (see: https://www.facebook.com/design4ukoeln)

    Thank you for your help!

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    My problem relates to automatic sharing when publishing an article, page, or post_type.

    There is no automatic sharing for pages. Publicize only works for posts, and custom post types if you specifically enabled them by modifying your functions.php file.

    What is the URL of the specific post that did not publicize? The last post I see published on your site is https://www.design4u.org/suchmaschinenoptimierung/suchmaschinenoptimierung-russland-ihk-vortrag/ and was published on 23 April, so there is nothing published on your site recently that could have been auto-shared to Facebook.

    Hello @kokkieh ,
    sorry, of course you are right: i use the automatic sharing only for posts and custom_post_types.

    custom_post_types are not easy to find on the website, but today i’ve posted a “real”, “normal” article. https://www.design4u.org/russland-gus/online-handel-und-e-commerce/wildberries-geht-nach-europa/
    After posting i received a message from Jetpack in the backend, over post-title, something like “successfully published on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin”. But in fact it has not been posted on any of this platforms.

    Do you have ideas, where i could look fortroubleshooting? Thank you!
    PS: Screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pnlbwa

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    Okay, according to Facebook’s Opengraph debugger at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/, you have duplicate OG tags for that post. Publicize will not post to Facebook if the post doesn’t have valid OG tags, as explained at https://jetpack.com/support/publicize/troubleshooting-publicize/#jetpack-and-open-graph-tags

    The OG tags on your site are not being generated by Jetpack, but by the Yoast SEO plugin, so as a first step, make sure those are configured correctly in your Yoast plugin settings. If you need any help with that, you can ask in the Yoast forums, here:


    I also see you’re using a theme with the slug internetmarketingseo. With that title, it’s very possible that the theme is adding its own OG tags in addition to the ones being added by Yoast, which would explain this error. Contact your theme support and ask if OG tags generated by the theme can be disabled, or try temporarily switching to a default theme like Twentynineteen.

    Then publish a new post on your site and check if it shares to Facebook correctly.

    For custom post types, you need to specifically tell Jetpack to share those, or they won’t be Publicized:


    By default only regular blog posts are publicized.

    thank you for your help! In fact, that was another plugin (in addition to Yoast), which generated OG tags. I adjusted it.
    Also i had the problem with wordpress.com, so that design4u.org was not found under “My Sites” on wordpress.com Jetpack-list. I have reinstalled the plugin, did set up and now everything works again!

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    Excellent! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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