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  • I know it’s an ease to change the table prefix and share a database (in terms of storing content) between multiple WordPress installs; but what I’d like to do is share the exact same content through two blogs.

    I’m looking to create an iPhone version of my site in a sub-domain, and have it’s iPhone formatted theme display the same content as the main domain.

    There is a plugin/theme that detects the user agent of the browser to see if it’s an iPhone, but I’d rather give the people the option of visiting a mobile version, or in it’s full form.

    Is this at all possible?

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    First thought, your search engine ranking can/will go down because of duplicate content, although you can add meta of no index, no follow for the iphone site and change SETTINGS > PRIVACY and change to block search engines to try to avoid that.
    And yes, what you want can be done, you can import the feed from the main website into your mobile version subdomain.
    However, speaking of iPhone themed version, have you checked the WPtouch iPhone Theme Plugin “that formats your WordPress blog with an Apple native application style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects. The theme only shows when viewed from an iPhone or iPod touch” and using it instead? Cheers.

    I have looked at that iPhone Theme Plugin. Edit: I just noticed that you can give them a link to look at the site in it’s standard format on the iPhone.

    It would be the easy way out.

    And yes, when it comes to the dupe content issue, I can use the .htaccess to insure nothing gets indexed or followed.

    Unfortunately, I’m not really looking to syndicate my site’s content through another blog. I’d really like to display the content from the standard site’s database, with the unique iPhone theme (my own category templates, etc…). My question would be how to do so, because using the same database info in two installs results in one working, the second being blank.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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