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  • – I am very tired of trying to resolve my sharing and comments issues in WordPress Themes. I have tried everything and can get no assistance. Now I have installed “Facebook Comments” plugin which seems to work but then I get conficts such as here: where I have 3 comment posting areas instead of just one. How can I remove Jetpack’s comments (2 boxes at the bottom) and just use the “Facebook Comments” plugin as it seems easier than what Jetpack offers? If I could enable the Jetpack comments to function properly without having to manipulate it on every post page I create, that would be great. But it isn’t working. Also, it seems that sometimes comments posted at another post article show up on every post page where the Jetpack comments do show up. Please advise. I do like the social buttons but they are sporadic as well in when and where they show up.

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  • Plugin Contributor Christopher Finke


    You can disable Jetpack comments by clicking “Learn More” in the Jetpack Comments module box on the Jetpack admin page (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=jetpack) and then clicking Deactivate.

    (You may have already discovered this, as I only see one comment form on your page.)

    Thanks for responding. I tried that, cleared my cache and still get the same issue even tho the Jetpack Sharing shows deactivated.This is the latest:

    I can see 3 Facebook Comment Forms.
    2 with with the dark theme, one with the light theme.
    The first two state they are powered by Facebook Comments, the third states nothing.
    Check you are not using the [fbcomments] shortcode too as per their docs:

    You might want to drop the Facebook comments plugin and use the Official Facebook Plugin instead as that comments plugin you are using could be at fault.

    Or your theme is being dodgy, (calling comments three times)?!

    I disabled Jetpack Sharing, cleared the cache and still get the same. Would you suggest deleting and reinstalling twenty plus lite theme? Does twenty plus lite interface still with twenty twelve which was what I started with. Am I right to presume that reinstalling a clean version of both would clean up this mess? I also use the twenty plus lite child theme for my css but I have been trying so many different things that maybe I got some garbage in one of the themes. Thanks.

    Ok, I disabled Facebook Comments plugin and now I am just down to the two comment boxes.

    I just checked your link.
    I see only one Facebook comment form.

    Which appears to be part of your theme in the comments.php or directly part of single.php.

    So Facebook comments/jetpack is hooking correctly, your theme is just built wrong, it seems.

    In summary, your theme doesn’t support having it’s comment controller replaced.

    how can I remove that comment controller, disable the theme’s comment and use a comment app from Facebook which shows the correct profile pic and layout most sites have?

    That would likely require modifying the theme to meet your needs.

    And outside the scope of this support forum. (Off Topic)

    I can probably help further via email or you should talk to the Theme author.

    ok. Jetpack comments was deactivated and it’s gone. Just the theme comment box is there. I remember that you could tic out the comment code in the theme to remove it from the post/page. Is that correct?

    Last thing was deactivate Jetpack comments and that black box is now gone. The only comment box is now the theme comment box.

    Ok, I have the theme comments out by using:
    Instead you can “comment out” the line of code thus:

    ‘<?php// comments_template( ”, true ); ?>’

    You can remove the “//” part when you want to turn on com

    Now if I could straighten out my page with the blue background?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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