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  • I’m using PageLines Platform theme, v. 1.4.4, on WordPress v. 4.3.

    I have an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, all running the latest iOS or OS X. (The MacBook Pro is running OS X 10.10.5.)

    My WordPress site is:

    WHAT WORKS: The sharing buttons DO appear below each post on my iPad and iPhone, as they are supposed to, and they function properly.

    1. The Sharing Buttons section (Settings > Sharing) on my iPad DOES show my button selection and arrangement, but it’s frozen; I can’t drag and drop anything.

    2.The sharing buttons DO NOT appear below each post, or anywhere else on my site, when viewed on my MacBook Pro. Nor does my button selection appear in the sharing section (Settings > Sharing). In fact, the latter section seems completely broken when viewed on the MacBook.

    ADDITIONAL INFO: In my WP editor, sharing-button permission (Sharing > Show sharing buttons) is checked off. If I uncheck it, the buttons disappear from my two iOS devices. If I recheck it, they reappear. I use the WP editor on my MacBook Pro.

    I’ll be grateful for any suggestions.

    Ron Cohen

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