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Shared SSL – index.php permission

  • Hi

    I’m trying to redirect a specific page to (shared) SSL.
    I’m using WordPress’s %category%/%postname% permalink structure.

    In my htaccess I have added this line:
    RewriteRule ^customer-zone?$ https://secureserveraddress.com/mydomain.com/index.php/customer-zone [R=301,L]

    Jut before WordPress’s own:
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]

    This gives me a 403 with
    You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.

    If I change the last /customer-zone to ?page_id=555
    I get an unstyled homepage with PAGE NOT FOUND.

    How do I do this while preferably keeping the nice permalinks in place.

    Also, it’s looking for stylesheets with https://mydomain.com, which is obviously incorrect…how would I set it up to retrieve the dependencies correctly.

    Thanks in advance


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  • mmm…it seems that if I change the permalink structure to the default…it does reach the proper page, but it’s still unstyled as
    it’s looking for the stylesheets and scripts in https://mydomain.com, instead of on the secure server or http://mydomain.com

    Is there ANY way to get the pretty permalinks to work?
    and, if not, how do I fix the incorrect links for the dependencies?

    Thanks in advance

    Using WordPress HTTPS plugin works with default permalinks but not %category%/%postname%

    Any onehave any ideas?

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