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Shared page content between sites

  • Ok, I know I’m not the first to try and figure something like this out. But, I haven’t been able to find any definitive answer on whether this is possible, or, if so, how.

    Here’s what I want to accomplish…

    I have a record label as my main site, which we’ll call ‘record-label.com’, set up as my main WPMU site. I have subdirectory sites set up for two bands on the label, ‘band-1.com’ and ‘band-2.com’. Though each site has its own style and a majority of its own content, some of the content overlaps. Examples of overlapping content being a Contact page, an Events page and most importantly an online Store.

    Is there a way to have one of the band sites display the main content from a page created on the record-label.com site with its own framework? As in, wrapped in its own theme? An example being the contact information. Can the data contained within the ‘contact’ page on record-label.com be displayed on the ‘contact’ page on band-1.com without leaving the site or looking any different…with the band-1.com theme?

    Also, is it possible to have a WPMU-wide store? So, if someone on the band-1.com site adds a T-shirt to the cart, they can then go to band-2.com and add a CD, then checkout once?

    Any suggestions or solutions will be much appreciated. I know there is a way that this is possible. I’m just hoping it’s possible in WPMU, and not too terribly involved.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • That’s similar to what I said here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/parent-menu?replies=12#post-2428584

    In short: MultiSite wasn’t built to do that. You CAN but it requires some work.

    As for network-wide shopping cart, not easily, and for SURE not if you switch domain names (security issues – you can’t share cookies between domains).

    Hmmm…this is becoming a bit discouraging. I took computer programming, mostly HTML, back in college, but didn’t keep up with it. So, I don’t really know php very well. But it seems logical to me that since all of the data is located within one folder on my server, that I should be able to reference all of that data with some subtle code changes. (Ex. – on the band-1.com contact page, I could change the php code that ‘pulls’ the data into the content section from the band-1.com database to pull the data from the contact page database on my main site, record-label.com, instead.)

    I really thought WP was going to make my life easier for these websites, but now I may have to abandon it altogether. =/

    MULTISITE may not be what you need, but WordPress may be, still.

    Unless you MUST have totally separate logins/admins for these bands, why not use Custom Post-Types?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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