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  • We currently have an online sports goods store that sells many products among many sport categories as well as specific products to specific sports.
    For example we sell footballs which sit under the football category, netballs which sit under the netball category, basketballs under the basketball category, etc…
    There are also some products that are relevant for each sport such as water bottles that sit under each sport in a general training equipment category, so the one water bottle product sits in 3 categories (Football training equipment, Netball training equipment, Basketball training equipment).

    What we are trying to do is be able to find out if a water bottle is purchased, which sport/category did it come from so we can see if a certain product doesn’t sell to a particular sports audience, for budgeting for each sport, etc.

    A solution we though of was to have a separate water bottle product for each sport with a unique SKU (WB-FB, WB-NB, WB-BB, etc) so when we look at invoices we can tell by the SKU it belonged to football because it had WB-FB.
    Since the product itself is the same, we would need to get all 3 of the water bottle products to come off the one inventory/stock list that is used for all of them.
    Is there a way to do this or a plugin that can help?


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  • I think you’d have to do this through google analytics

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    To elaborate on what bheadrick said, Analytics are one way to go. I haven’t seen it done before, but in theory this could work:

    What you could do is set up different variations like you said, but there wouldn’t really be an easy way to manage that. You could use the Composite Products Extension to this end – the process there would be:

    1. Create the Water Bottle with a generic SKU (i.e. WB-1001)
    2. Create “Composite Products” where the only option is WB-1001 and give the composite product a special SKU (i.e. WB-1001-BB). You would do this for each type, and would allow you to have different descriptions/images to an extent.
    3. Hide the WB-1001 product from the shop so users can only buy it through the composite product

    This essentially puts the item in a wrapper so it would draw from the WB-1001 stock, but show up in reciepts as the composite SKU.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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