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  • hello, when someone shares with me a google photos album, I’m not able to show it and use it on photonic.
    I only view the list of MY albums, but not albums shared with me.

    I have the link of album shared with me, like this:
    can I use it in some way?

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  • Plugin Author Sayontan


    “Key”-based sharing is not possible with Google’s API. It was possible with Picasa, but not with Google.

    The only way to see an album would be if you have an ID for the album, and if you have access to see the album via Google’s API. Unfortunately in your case I cannot verify what the issue is, since this requires authentication.

    Here is what you can try:

    1. Go to the following URLs (they are on Google itself):
    • In each of the above links, on the right side you will see “Try this API”. Click on that link.
    • Execute the API. Check to see if the shared album shows up.
    • If the album shows up in either of the links, please let me know, and I will try to troubleshoot it further.

      But if it doesn’t show up in any of the links, that means Google does not permit displaying shared albums.

    thanks for your answer, I tried to do this test.
    I have a little difficulty because Google Photos Albums I need to use for the website (and which I configured the plugin for) are belonging to a Google Account (“A”) I can’t access in every moment to do tests.

    But I tried your suggestion in reverse, applying it to MY Google Account (“B”), searching for a shared album that “A” shared to me.
    And here what it’s seems to happen:
    1) with the first link I see the list of all MY albums (account “B”), created by me and shared by me to other people;
    2) with the second link I see the list of albums created by account “A” (and other various Google Accounts) and shared with me (account “B”).

    this is one of the strings:

    “id”: “ALta0sorZMV_CvnWE7……….”,
    “title”: “name of the album “,
    “productUrl”: “………w”,
    “mediaItemsCount”: “80”,
    “coverPhotoBaseUrl”: “–ulY5gMV8KuDfVoKOvzCxuulnLAUIx__SeoDmw9AAsAp4YmPPNzaI5U7lBMHmh_zY0eVUUVqYTQ0YYCd8o1huRgpgFiTD7MasEA4Gzub3XPcYtqnW_P9-ixh-K-0IjDig2JsxHDuk4Bxf0HBuFWIdX6MH6w22jpsF94OmXUuBrrDIQPUu9_t-HcboQlqn5WqIej5ZNdRHW9mFvy1FRq9J_8qW2dkndFNK8i_Snkg3B1wQs_6hnUx0y5DavF6HFvSBeALfEIx9wUJ4jKOL……c”,
    “coverPhotoMediaItemId”: “ALta0sqs3iCB8KmJc57Laz3uIv…….”

    Hoping this will help.

    Thanks and many congratulations for the plugin!!

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    1) with the first link I see the list of all MY albums (account “B”), created by me and shared by me to other people;
    2) with the second link I see the list of albums created by account “A” (and other various Google Accounts) and shared with me (account “B”).

    Interesting. It looks like my understanding of Google’s sharing functionality was incorrect, and there is a bug in the code.

    When you are creating your gallery, are you trying to show photos from a single album? If so, try this:

    1. First create a Photonic shortcode with any album that you have. Your shortcode will look something like this:
      [gallery type='google' view ='photos' album_id='abc....' ......]
    2. In the shortcode replace the album_id with the id you found in the Google test page “ALta0sorZMV_CvnWE7……….”

    Yes, photos from a single album.
    I tried but doesn’t work and appears this:

    ! Failed to get data. Error:
    Invalid album ID.

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Apologies – I hurt my back and hence had to reduce screen-time, resulting in delays in responses.

    This looks like a bug that I will need to fix. I will put something into the next version. I will try to release that in the next couple of weeks.

    Hi All, I am facing the same issue. Eagerly waiting for the reply/development from Sayontan.

    On another note I am also facing –
    Videos from Albums with Photos and videos. Only photos are showing but video item says – can’t play video.

    Many thanks

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Please start a separate thread for your issue with videos. For the point about shared albums I have already stated in my post yesterday that it will take me a couple of weeks.

    I had the same issue with a shared album. Before a fix is ready you can use one of two workarounds I found:

    (1) Somehow* I got all the photos from the shared album show up on my list of photos in Google Photos. So, I created my own album from them. However, later any change to the original photos (one of the photographers updated time as his camera was wrongly set and photos were wrongly ordered in the album) did not propagate to my album.

    * I _think_ it could have been caused by adding my account to “authors” of the shared album. Or perhaps it was the “Add to library”** button on the album page? I’m not really sure…

    (2) Somehow at some point (since I think it wasn’t there from the beginning, again I don’t know how and when) the menu opening from the shared album page (the one under the three dots button) got an option named “Show in albums”** and after clicking it the shared album showed on my list of albums on the Google Photos page (previously it showed only in the Shared list) and the plugin did see it.

    However, I think this mode might be risky in some cases since I think if the author removes the album I will lose it as well.

    ** Those are my translations from the Polish texts of my Google Photos. They might not be exact.



    sorry for the delay of my answer but your reply was very interesting to give a workaround for this, especially in pont 2.

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