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  • Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Could you go to the post editor, and check that the sharing checkbox is checked for these 2 posts?

    Let me know if it helps.

    Hi Jeremy, it’s checked on both pages.

    Kind regards,

    PS I think it maybe has something to do with the ‘tabbed content’ on these pages, both do have ‘tabbed content’…

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    I didn’t notice this tabbed content, thanks for the additional info.

    Do you use a plugin to achieve this result? How do you populate the contents of each tab?

    I’m having similar trouble. This will show up on all of my post, but none of my pages.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    @mudadmin I believe you contacted us via email as well. Check your inbox, you’ve got mail! 🙂

    Hi Jeremy,

    No I don’t use a plugin. I have installed the Premium theme from Pagelines, and the only thing they did, as far as I know, is integrating Twitter bootstrap library.

    The tabs are being explained here:

    If you search on ‘tabs’ on that page you go directly to the shortcodes I use to generate this content.

    The plugin nRelate also had troubles on these two pages, there plugin was showing the related content twice. This is what they replied to me after they solved the problem:

    @willem-siebe spoelstra — We found that this issue was being caused by your complex theme, so to fix it we basically created a custom script for our plugin code that ignores the placeholders that appear on the tabs for this page so that the plugin would no longer show twice.
    – Katrina @ nRelate

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    @willem Could you contact me via this contact form? I’d like to run some tests with your theme, to try to fix this issue.


    Hi Jeremy, I filled it in and also provided the link from the forum thread I had started at the pagelines theme forum, however I don’t think you can read the text I maybe think you understand better than me ;-), so here is the text:


    I’m just not sure if it’s caused by Pagelines, or the other plugins…

    On this page:
    i have tabbed content.

    Two things I noticed:

    – shortcodes from plugin Hanacode insert not working anymore;
    – nRelate was showing twice.

    After contacting nRelate, that problem was solved.

    However, now I also found out that the sharebar from Jetpack is not visible anymore. This is also the case on my other page with tabbed content:
    I contacted Jetpack also, but I’m curious if this is them adjusting there code to Pagelines theme, or is it them correcting bad coding and was that the reason it didn’t work.
    Reason for asking: the ‘tools’ from pagelines are not much fun this way ;-).

    Kind regards,


    Hi WIllem,

    It’s possible there was some javascript, jQuery or other update that was pushed by someone along the line that created a conflict. An update or change can be pushed from some plugin that isn’t even related to the affected areas of your site, but causes the issues. From an analytical perspective, it would seem odd, as I hope you’ll agree, that suddenly, out of all the things one your site, and all the things in Jetpack, only the social media would disappear. That sounds like a simple conflict.

    As for the Hanacode plugin not working, I don’t know why you need it, as PageLines won’t prevent javascript or Google AdSense from working in your site. This sounds like it might simply be caused by a difference in Javascript versions. As you know, we’re expecting to release our new version next week, and it’s possible an updated version of Javascript has already been pushed. I don’t know if that’s true, but just possible.

    You know there have been some conflicts with Jetpack over the past two months. I don’t use it, so I’m not sure if they’ve released any updates lately. Have they?

    We are really not getting other complaints such as this, which isn’t to diminish your topic but only to say it may just be a set of circumstances unique to your site, combination of plugins or server configuration. It’s very hard to tell.

    Meanwhile, some of the tools are coming from Twitter Bootstrap, so it’s possible even Twitter pushed a change. Unfortunately they don’t tell us what they’re doing. You may not like hearing this, any more than i like saying it, but try deactivating some plugins to see if the problem is related to any third-party plugins.

    I’ll ask our developers as soon as I see them, if they know of anything.

    Have send you mail for update, still not working.

    Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    I responded with additional information, specifically which line of code in Pagelines is causing the conflict.

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