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  • Hello there,

    I have the newest vs of Shareaholic & I found out that a grey bar/box appears and covers the footer of my website when viewed with a Safari browser on an iPhone (I haven’t tested on other mobile/tablet devices). It starts to appear when you rotate the device from vertical to horizontal, then back, & also when you zoom in and out of a page.

    I have many plugins but I believe this happens when the Buddypress plugin is activated. I also use the shortcode to manually place it in the loop & I have the footer removed from posts only.

    My website is

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • Hi Liltiger,

    Would it be possible for you to check if BuddyPress is indeed contributing to the issue with the grey bar? If there is a conflict, I’d like to make sure it gets reported so that we can investigate.

    Before testing, clear your browser cache/history to make sure the issue is still present, then deactivate BuddyPress and empty all caches in any caching plugins and also your browser cache; now, check for this problem again.

    Could you also see if the issue appears when not using the manual shortcode while both of our plugins are active? And I’d like to find out if your theme is a factor, which you can check by performing the same test (both plugins active, then deactivating BuddyPress) while in a clean install of the Twenty Ten theme.

    If you find that deactivating BuddyPress fixes the issue, I can open a ticket for us to do some further testing–a screenshot that shows the problem as you see it would also be a great help. Thanks!

    Hi There!

    Thanks for getting back in touch. It’s not the BP plugin after all, although it does seem to make the box larger on my theme, & appear on the homepage of the 2010 theme.

    I’ve replicated the issue using the 2010 theme, no shortcode, and only with the akismet, hello dolly, & jetpack plugins activated. When viewing the post, the issue appears after about 5-10 rotations/zooms. When viewing the homepage, it takes some real effort to get the grey box to appear.

    When using my theme, custom community, no shortcode, and only the 3 aforementioned plugins, the grey box appears effortlessly when viewing both the post and homepage.

    I don’t know how to attach photos, but I’ve inlcuded two links:

    Thanks Again!

    Thank you for the screenshots. Just so we can identify whether there is a conflict or if it is just a problem we need to address in our code universally, could you please deactivate all other plugins, switch your theme to an unmodified Twenty Ten again, and clear your cache to test if the issue is still present? If it’s not, switch back to your theme, but do not reactivate any other plugins before checking for this issue again. Keep me posted with your results, and thanks so much for your help!


    I found the time to deactivate all the plugins per your instructions. The grey box still pops up after rotating & re-sizing. I also activated jetpack’s minileven mobile theme. The issue is not reproduced when using the mobile view.

    Thanks so much!

    Hi Again,

    I should say that when using the mobile theme vs, the grey box appears on the bottom of the screen when you minimize the page, but it disappears when you bring the page back.

    I hope that bit gives more info.


    I’m writing up a report to submit to engineering right now. I’d love to have you check one last thing, just to verify that this concerns BuddyPress and not a universal behavior with our apps when viewed from an iPhone.

    Could you please view the following two pages to see if the grey box appears at the bottom of the screen in the same manner as it does on your site?

    Our share buttons demo page and a recent blog post.

    Thanks again for all your help in tracking down more details!



    I’m having the same problem, but I’m seeing it on Android as well (inconsistently). If I rotate the screen multiple times, a grey bar will come up at the bottom on my android. Larger grey box appears on my iphone when rotating a number of times.

    Also, using firefox from my android, the grey box covers pretty much the entire site.

    Looks like it may be the slider for the recent posts, but I do not have that feature turned on.

    I am also not using Buddy Press.

    I will try to troubleshoot this on my site when I’m troubleshooting the other issue I’m having of the buttons not appearing on android.

    Hi guys,

    We are currently working on two tickets from reports about our apps on mobile devices.

    In this thread, the grey bar issue was presented. Thank you so much for providing screenshots and additional details so that the ticket could be created. The engineering ticket ID is PLG-512.

    As for app visibility on Android, we’re taking care of this in PLG-65.

    We hope to have both of these issues fixed within the next couple weeks and appreciate your patience and support while we work through them. As soon as there’s an update, I’ll be in touch.

    Thanks again!

    Hey everyone,

    We just released a fix that I hope has corrected the problem on your end. Fingers crossed! Please, empty your browser cache (and all caches in any caching plugins), then take a look around your site; let me know if you are still running into an issue. Thanks!

    P.S. We still need to look into the issue with the grey bar appearing after multiple rotations. Thanks for your patience!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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