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    I see the latest Shareaholic places ads (for Mobile Strike etc.) at the foot of pages when viewed on a mobile (unseen by many site owners). I’m sure you know injecting advertising onto sites without informing site owners is illegal in many jurisdictions, but where it isn’t, can those of us who’ve used your plugin get a cut of the revenue you make from visits to their site?

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  • Thanks for posting about this! Yes we do turn on “Anchor” advertisements by default for new installations. It’s one of several different Shareaholic features that are enabled for new installations, and it’s not meant to be hidden or a secret at all.

    All you do is click “Edit Monetization Settings” from the main Shareaholic page within your WordPress site, and it’s very clear which features are turned on or off. With a couple clicks you can turn off any of the advertising units that you don’t want.

    Most importantly, of course you get a cut of the revenue! The monetization program is designed for publishers to make money from their websites. It’s very quickly become one of the most popular parts of Shareaholic, as we have a few different unique/cutting-edge advertising formats that generate strong CPMs (earnings). This is why we started enabling some of the advertising settings by default, because an increasing share of our users are looking for this.

    Hope this helps and we’re sorry if you didn’t realize that the plugin had all of these default settings. We’re working on a number of updates to try and make it easier to manage your settings, since there are now so many different Shareaholic settings to choose from.


    > …we started enabling some of the advertising settings by default, because an increasing share of our users are looking for this.

    I very much doubt most people using this plugin know adverts are now injected onto their site until they turn that ‘feature’ off. I might believe it if you said “Shareaholic injects adverts onto your site” rather than making cryptic references to ‘Promoted Content’. Anyway, it’s good to know you pay, so how much, and how do I claim what I’m owed? I’d like to gauge if it’s worth having Shareaholic plaster my site with adverts. Thanks!

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    Hey @edmondox – to see the earnings info you need to connect your WordPress plugin to a account. It only takes a couple steps – you just click the green “Configure Additional Features” button on the plugin settings page.

    Or you can send us a note support@shareaholic along with your website name and I can send you back any earnings information that’s been accrued. The rates can vary greatly from website to website based on the audience you have and if they are visiting on mobile vs desktop, if they are from U.S. vs other regions, etc.

    We are working hard to build out our monetization suite into a very robust set of tools for website owners to monetize their content.

    Thanks for the update, but I’m still not clear what rates you pay. Shareaholic can’t expect to inject adverts onto sites without asking and not be upfront about the rates they pay for doing so. So please be honest, what rates do you pay for injecting adverts onto sites?

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    There is a large range of performance. We have both CPC and CPM units, and different advertisers who pay different rates will target different audiences and categories in our network. Some ads will only load if they become “viewable” where a user scrolls down the page, and the frequency with which this happens can vary greatly depending on your audience and website design.

    The entire program is meant as a beneficial feature which is easy to use and easy to customize/enable/disable. We’re sorry you have been bothered by the feature and we definitely take this feedback into account as we work on continual tweaks to the plugin to make it both simple and powerful.


    Thanks Greg, but can you be specific about the rates you pay? Or does Shareaholic really expect to inject adverts onto websites without asking, then refuse to say what you pay – does that sound like the practice of a reputable organization?

    You say ‘the program is meant to be beneficial’ but refuse to say what the benefits are. I can only assume if you did nobody would install your plugin, the same reason you you inject adverts onto sites without asking. Pretending it isn’t underhand does you no personal credit.

    Hi Greg, you’ve gone very quiet. Hiding your rates?

    Hello @edmondox,

    The information in my prior post is the most accurate and final answer we can give you, since the experience of one publisher may be completely different from another.

    Best regards!

    Hi Shadyholic Greg, but your answers are not accurate at all. The truth is you’ve not given me any information about what you pay. Maybe you don’t pay anything at all? Fact is you’re injecting adverts onto sites without asking permission. It’s a scam. They do say if you can’t be honest about what you’re doing you’re probably doing something dishonest.

    Best Regards!

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