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    This plugin hijacks links and adds their own affiliation redirect to them to make money off of your site, for Shareaholic. Its on by default and there is no notification telling you what is happening. You can disable it though, but how would you know to do that? This is a very sneaky, slimey way to sucker some cash out of your users, Shareaholic. Shame on you.

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  • Thanks for the share-out. I can’t imagine how many unsuspecting users there are…

    Email the details to plugins [at] wordpress [dot] org to get shareaholic banned from WordPress. I did it back when the plugin began data mining/spying. The WP mods removed their plugins from the directory until the company used weasel words and promised changes. Shareaholic begged me back once but not again. Look at their history.

    Privacy violations.
    Then spamming “features” and links.
    Now it’s advertising/affiliate revenue hijacking.

    3 times the shareaholic plugin pulled a fast bait and switch on us. 3 strikes. This costs time and money. They weaseled out of it before but never again. Shame on you once, twice… it is costing people even more money to remove the plugin from sites and explain to others. Maybe one of them will take time to file a lawsuit against Shareaholic, Inc.

    As for rules the plugin clearly violates here’s one…

    Note that if you do include what we consider to be “advertising spam”, or attempt to game somebody else’s advertising system, then we will not only remove your plugin, but also report your code to the advertising system’s abuse mechanism as well. We do not react kindly to spam. Don’t try it.

    Report them for abuse please, and permanently remove all this company’s junk from WordPress directories. I also suggest looking at the developer IP addresses so they don’t come back easily under new names. They are sneaky. Sexybookmarks for one is the same plugin under a different name. Others?

    Thank you for your feedback, technicblu – I’ve found a few more things and am working on a new post!

    Technicblu – might you have a reference for previous bans?

    Thanks for research and disclosing, Pamela! Please do share what else you find.

    Here is one thread that evidences one of shareaholic’s bans on here. They were operating under “sexybookmarks” then, then came back under “shareaholic.”

    I remember a lot more posts than what I could dig up for some reason.

    Yet another incident of unwanted advertising. This time it was advertisements on your pages for their addon (cited as spyware too)…

    Look closely in posts for developer doublespeak claiming bugs and changes. Incident after incident, they clearly do this crap on purpose over and over again. I feel sick not knowing all of what else went on during the years of having this installed on sites, and I am now suspicious of other popular and highly rated plugins in the official WordPress ecosystem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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