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  • Below is a precious rating wherein I complained about the way SA was handling login for Tw and Fb. I’m happy to report that the folks at SA listen. They pretty quickly made this feature optional. And for that I thank them!

    Great plugin. Great people!


    I really like the UI and setup on this plugin. I think it looks elegant and it is just what I wanted for a new site that I’m launching. But after I had it installed and attempted to test a share, I was surprised to learn that SA is using my user shares to build their user registrations.

    If you are using this plugin on your site, let me explain how you can test this for yourself. First, make sure that you are


    logged in in to Shareaholic. Then, go back to your SA-powered site and attempt to share an article on Twitter. A popup will appear – without any SA branding – with 2 buttons to connect with Twitter or Facebook… remember, you just attempted to share with Twitter (not a unified share button). When you click connect with Twitter, you then get a Twitter OAuth screen asking you to grant permission to Shareaholic. If you are an unsavvy user this seems normal, so you authenticate/authorize and… surprise! you’ve just registered with Shareaholic… when all you were trying to do was share an article.

    There is no need to OAuth with SA when a user is just sharing an article… except to help SA grow their user base!

    Here’s a screenshot:

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  • Hello mtaus,

    Thank you to let us know about this. They have a good plugin but I did’t notice what you say because I was log in with SA account.
    After I log out they ask for create a account information.

    Nice to know.

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    This will be a feature you will be able to turn on / off in the near future. Note: out of the 200,000 active sites that use Shareaholic, the multi-share panel has actually led to an increase in sharing activity on those sites. But we understand some publishers may not want this.

    mtaus –

    Thanks so much for sharing this revealing insight into how the SA plugin works for our blog viewers!! Of course, as their website doesn’t say anything about this “multi-share panel” when creating a social share bar, bloggers would naturally assume that the methods used for sharing to FB, Twitter, etc would be the standard ones. By getting our blog viewers to authenticate their FB accounts, etc, with SA they are gaining extraordinary access to viewer’s personal data – and that’s certainly not how I would like my blogs’ readers to be treated! I’m so glad I came across your review/warning before implementing SA on any of my sites!

    Shareaholic – when do you plan to allow publishers to turn off this rather nefarious “feature”?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    HowToBlog (I’ve never called anyone “HowTo” before 😉 ) can you instead ask in the support forum?

    matus, thanks for the hint!

    now i have to look again for another plugin… testet over 10 now ;(

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    This feature is now live! The multishare panel can now be toggled on/off. Go to “General Website Settings” -> Share Button settings to set the toggle. Enjoy!

    @shareaholic I looked in the plugin settings, the Shareaholic control panel and your blog, but couldn’t find it. Can you provide more details.

    @shareaholic scratch that… I found it.

    All, this new feature does in fact resolve this issue. I’m happy to report that Shareaholic is once again my favorite WP sharing plugin!



    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @mtaus 🙂 That makes us very very happy! We’re here for you and building the product for YOU.

    This is great news! Thanks to @mtaus for pointing out the issue and @shareaholic for providing a solution. Based on this fix, I’ve installed the plugin and am VERY PLEASED with how it works!

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @creatorsdream this makes us very happy! 🙂

    @matus btw, we would really appreciate it if you would consider updating your rating for our plugin from the 1 star to whatever you now deem appropriate!

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