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    Hi Steven, It shouldn’t. We just deployed some new code and features. A bug may have slipped in – we’re taking a look right now.

    I can confirm this issue.

    For me it displays in Firefox, and Safari, but not in Chrome.

    For me, I’m getting it in all 3 browsers.

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    Hi everyone, can you please try to empty your browser cache to see if that fixes it for you?

    Hi! You must remove this feature from your plugin.

    You cannot include a feature in your plugin without permission of the user. In fact, there are a lot of reasons of why a user don’t want this (also have another cookies bar plugin or just don’t want to add this).

    Also I don’t know how this has appeared without updating the plugin. Can you explain this?

    Cache clearing did not work. Bar still remains in Chrome and Firefox after clearing browser cache.

    Would also like to know how this started today without a plugin update.

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    @lewatson thank you for that info. @everyone the engineering team is on it right now. Our priority is to fix this bug ASAP. I will make sure to relay information as it comes along ASAP.

    It seems like a ‘service’ is giving bad data about which countries to include in the ‘Cookie Consent’ required list. It’s either including the USA or the service is simply white listing every country code.

    It’s including Canada too where it shouldn’t.

    I am running Version in the US.

    If I reverted to the prior version, will this still happen?


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    @all can you please try again – it should be fixed. We inadvertently released an update which where the enabled flag for cookie consent was incorrectly set to true in the default configuration. Please clear your cache again to make sure you’re updated with the latest code. Please let me know if this issue still persists for you.

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    @ptaubman cookie consent app should be behaving as expected now and turned off by default. btw – we highly recommend upgrading to v7+ of the plugin. It’s worth it.

    @lewatson @disco_dan the cookie consent app should be detecting the correct countries now.

    @hans Yes – we agree and it *should not* have turned on. It wasn’t our intention in any way. It was a coding error where the default got set to turn it on if nothing was set.

    Again, @all, we sincerely apologize for this. We do work hard to make sure all deploys are as expected and that we perform proper QA. Sometimes things do slip through. We’re human.. We take this very seriously, as I hope this was demonstrated by how seriously we took the response and fix.

    Working in both Chrome and Firefox now – as in no bar appears.

    Those hairline cracks can sometimes turn out to be the nastiest. Really appreciate your quick attention to identify the problem and come up with a fix.

    I can confirm the issue has been fixed on my sites as well. Thank you for your prompt response. Great plugin, great service

    Upgraded, and things are working now. Thank you!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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